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This is Forum-Nexus! Here's a glimpse of what a summer abroad with us is like. 

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We opened up a few more spots on the Forum Europe Summer 2017: 9 Cities in 5 weeks program. Now is your chance; take the leap!

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A must see on a Europe #travel list indeed! 
Must Visit in Rome: Trevi Fountain

Apart from the Coliseum, Rome is best remembered by and associated with the Trevi Fountain – it's the giant fountain with numerous impressive statues located in the heart of the city. If you're visiting Rome, no matter which season or time of day, you'll find a crowd at the fountain, taking photos and throwing coins. The saying goes that if you throw a coin into the waters of the fountain, you're bound to return to Rome again one day. A different legend says that throwing a coin will make any wish you make come true. Those are nothing but well-meaning superstitions, but one coin doesn't hurt, right? You never know!

While visitors are acquainted with the Trevi Fountain's current place in culture, people don't know a whole lot about its history. The Fontana di Trevi, as it's called in Italian, started out as a termination of the Virgo Aqueduct constructed in 19 BC. At the time, the aqueduct itself was more impressive as it ran for 19 km underground, but with time the aqueduct suffered damages and it was only during the Renaissance the papacy restored it and decorated the fountain to its current glory. Right now, the Trevi Fountain holds a record as the largest among Baroque fountains, boasting imposing statues made of carrara marble and a façade and reef built with travertine. The scene depicted through the statues tells the story of the how the aqueduct came to be and features the Greek pantheon as symbolic messages.

Trevi Fountain should definitely be on your list of places to visit!

#TreviFountain #RomeAttractions #Traveling #AllRoadsLeadtoRome #VacationIdeas 

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Quick! Only a few spots left on Forum #Europe Summer 2017. Travel across 9 cities in 5 weeks with top students from all over the world. Don't wait to #studyabroad ✈️

Apply for free below. 

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Q&A: Meet Nadine, Admissions Counselor and veteran staff member at Forum-Nexus! Read how stepping out of her comfort zone led to a world of opportunity, and find out what's next for this go-getter. #ThisisForumNexus 

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Last call to join us for an unforgettable #studyabroad experience in #Europe! Travel across 9 cities in 5 weeks with top students from all over the world this summer.

All (free!) applications are due TODAY: 

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Invest in yourself. #studyabroad

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Hear from past Forum-Nexus students as they share what it was like to study abroad while traveling through 5 European countries.

Learn about our programs at! #studyabroad #travel

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You'll never know if you never go... 

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Barcelona + Chamonix + Paris + Geneva + Lugano + Como + Milan + Rome +Rhodes = Your ticket to a multi-country #studyabroad program awaits! 
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