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Fort Lauderdale Website Designers
Fort Lauderdale website design including ecommerce and CMS
Fort Lauderdale website design including ecommerce and CMS


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Beautiful Web Design
We create all types of web design projects.  This one has a CMS where the clients can change all the photos and text, they can also add new pages and show off their latest colors.  #webdesign #webdesigncompany  

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What Does Basic Web Design Cost?

People often ask us "what does basic web design cost?" and of course we have no idea what you consider "basic" to include.  It would be like asking the cost of a basic car, a basic house or anything else.  Our experienced team has been in the business since 1995 and we've gotten faster and better at producing great web designs for our clients.  Consequently whatever it will cost, it will cost less with us because we get the job done quickly.  Experience matters! #webdesigncost #fortlauderdale

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Web Design Cost

You can pay more but it doesn't mean you'll get something better.  Check out this article about what a website should cost and you'll see how much we include at no extra charge.  #fortlauderdale #websitedevelopment

WordPress or Magento Ecommerce Which Is Better?

We may as well ask, "Oranges or Apples Which Is Better?" because they are both good and they are both different.  The more important question to ask would be about what options you might need and what you are trying to accomplish.  For example we had a big ecommerce project in which automated shipping and having the site in two languages was very important.  For that project we selected Magento because we liked the way we were able to fill out a spread sheet with all the translations for things like "Add To Cart" and then when we uploaded the file we had everything translated.  This allowed buyers to select one of two languages in which they could view the website.  Also it was like having two online stores because you could write the product descriptions in both languages.

There are some cheap ways of doing this in which software poorly translates things and that just causes confusion for buyers as they try to figure out what you are selling.  For example we have seen a website selling flashlights and the description explained that "You would stir the switch for a brilliance of light".  Nobody speaks that way and we don't "stir" switches, we turn them on or off usually by pressing them.

With WordPress ecommerce the biggest advantage has to be fast deployment which results in lowered costs.  A careful look at the scope of your online store needs will help us to determine which option will work best for your business.  #wordpresswebdesign #fortlauderdale #magentoecommercedevelopment  

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Cheap Web Design Fort Lauderdale

This client found a cheap web design company and then he decided to hire us.  Check out the video to see what a bargain he found. #cheapwebdesign #fortlauderdale #fortlauderdalewebdesign  

Ecommerce Web Design

Our web development firm began business in 1995 and now almost 20 years later we still have some of the same original clients.  Find out what makes us unique!
#fortlauderdale #webdesign #webdevelopment  

Web Design Company Fort Lauderdale

In the city by the sea, a city that sometimes seems to be filled with scammers and cheats how can you find a reputable web design company?

The most important thing to consider is the reputation of the company.  This is important because absolutely anyone can 100% legally claim to be a web designer.  For this reason you'll find people with almost no skills at all and people who are seasoned professionals.  Imagine if anyone could just say "I'm an attorney" or "I'm a doctor" of course that seems ridiculous and that is exactly what we have in the web development business today.  There is no training, no test required and today YOU can call yourself a web designer and start collecting deposits from people.

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Web Design Company Fort Lauderdale

You have so many options when you are looking for the best web design company in Fort Lauderdale.  Everyone claims to be the best.  Everyone claims that they can get you on the first page of the search results.  We have two decades of experience.
#fortlauderdale #webdesigncompany #fortlauderdalewebdesign  

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Fort Lauderdale Web Design

Here you can read about what we do.  We are custom programmers and  designers.  No project is too complex or robust for our team.
#fortlauderdalewebdesign #fortlauderdale #webdesign  

Web Design Fort Lauderdale

Our Fort Lauderdale clients include lawyers, event promoters, bakeries, dentists, dermatologists, roofers and other business owners. We have almost two decades of fast, reliable and reasonably priced web design.
#webdesignfortlauderdale #lawyerwebdesign  
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