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As more and more districts go for open source content, isn't it ironic that they are trying to teach children the critical thinking and creative skills they can then use to produce intellectual property of no value?

Isn't it ironic 

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Halloween is over.
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We're so grateful to Kevin Hogan of CBS News who contributed his voice-over talent to our Common Core PLAY adaptation of Macbeth, which is premiering next week along with two other plays.

You can hear (and see) a sneak preview - the background piece on Shakespeare and the play, by going to our site, clicking on "The Plays" tab, and choosing the logo for Macbeth. Kevin's narration is mesmerizing!

Definitely have your sound on.

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New Animation to Make You Smile re: Common Core. What? CCSS, funny?

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Everybody's talkin' 'bout education, but who's doin' somethin' about it? WE ARE, and YOU CAN! 
Parents, teachers: You'll see how cool this is in a minute. Help get the administrators who run the schools to break through the clutter and check this out! As Annabelle says, kids (and, increasingly, classroom teachers) get to control less and less of the curriculum, and yet if they saw this project 100% would want to do it! PLAY to Learn!
Playing It Forward
creating an audio recording of Hamlet tonight

As some of you know, my nonprofit +BigFunEducation, is producing a Digital Drama Festival for the K-12 crowd. It's an enormously . . . how shall I put this? . . . optimistic  and brave venture to create something from nothing that no one has actually asked for. Sometimes, I find I have struck the pose seen here below (Edwin Booth as Hamlet).

Tonight, we are welcoming a band of merry actors to do a recording of our adaptation of Hamlet and I am in a To-be mood! We'll also record some of the original speeches so that students can work towards grasping the stunning beauty of the original. So many professionals coming together to volunteer their time because they believe in playing it forward (yes, and paying it forward).

Theater and drama have been invited back to the center of American classrooms in K-12. The new Common Core State Standards reference "drama" over 70 times. Let's seize this opportunity. Will you join us?

If you know of a teacher in K-12 who might like to join this project by doing a Digital Drama Project, please share this post and encourage them. Kids have about 0% control over their curriculum. Almost 100% would like to do a play this year. We've created online projects that any English teacher will enjoy -- no drama training required. Kids everywhere will be grateful to you for supporting the spread of this To-be-or-not-to-be nonprofit initiative :D

#education   #artsed   #criticalthinking   #commoncore   #English   #collaboration   #payingitforward   

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Hey, folks - don't mean to beg, but if you COULD take just a moment to look at the Little Big Fund site, it would be GREAT: You vote for the nonprofit you'd like to see helped among three. Our month was short due to the July 4 holiday, so please help us out!

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Excellent, brief piece by NBC-Connecticut, covering the Digital Drama pilot project. Exceptionally perceptive education reporting!

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A preview of the Common Core Digital Drama Festival: inner-city 3rd,4th, and 5th graders tackle Calderon de la Barca's 1635 masterpiece, Life Is A Dream.

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Our cast of Macbeth had a great time this weekend recording our adaptation of "The Scottish Play" for our Common Core Digital Drama Festival! Learn more at
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