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Forrest Beck
Doctor, author, and lifelong learner. Currently Director of Certificate Programs at SCNM in Arizona. Lover of tennis, travel, history, languages, and of course mi familia.
Doctor, author, and lifelong learner. Currently Director of Certificate Programs at SCNM in Arizona. Lover of tennis, travel, history, languages, and of course mi familia.

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Yell Much?

It is quite telling that my wife sent me this invaluable article.  She and I have been together now twenty-one years, married for almost eleven.  She comes from a family where yelling was endemic and I believe that much of that behavior is mimicked by children later in life.

Fortunately, she never fell into that trap and we have been very diligent in rooting it out in our own behavior.  End result, like the author of this article, is a more emotionally stable child who doesn't stand in fear when making those inevitable mistakes, yet embraces conversation.

So, I ask all of you to please read the following article and reflect on your own behavior.  Then, if you wish, please share below.

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This is a great advance in syringe technology that will one day be ubiquitous due to its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced safety features.  Check it out and pass it along.

EZ-Mix Dual Chamber Syringe: Unilife Device Overview with Alan Shortall  

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This is a topic that is vital to keep in mind in the face of a new-found dietary love.  As tempting as it may be to shout from the rooftops when we discover something that is working for us, we have to realize one person's  tonic may in fact be another's poison.  Thanks for the great reminder +Chris Masterjohn.

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Want to get the most out of Social Media?

Much of the information written about social media nowadays falls in to two camps. The first is why you should or should not utilize a certain platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or GooglePlus.

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This is a post I shared with another community, but thought it would be good to hear from a wider audience
Down and dirty test for D deficiency

Here is a post summarizing an inexpensive way that might suggest vitamin D deficiency.  I have seen this clinically in many patients.

Any PHD'ers experience these type of symptoms?

Just a quick note: the arrow points deceptively to the lower end of the sternum, the xiphoid process.  This is not an area you should press on, rather the middle of the sternum does nicely.

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Apathy can be a downer, but it doesn't have to be.  Learn how to avoid it and overcome it in this post.

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Pam Slim's Big Picture Lesson about Entrepreneurism

This short article is for those of us who take the leap of faith to venture out on the road of entrepreneurism, yet hope in the back of our mind success is just around the next bend.  As it turns out, we may just need to get comfortable in the driver's seat because it's a long, rewarding, but often tormenting path.

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Primal Body Primal Mind Top 10

Most of us don't need more to add to our reading list, but when I first read Nora's book I found it very informative.

Here is her list of top 10 nutritional and dietary mistakes people make, which gives you an idea of her focus.

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Addendum to the NonStick Post

I mentioned an alternative to the toxic nonstick cookware and pointed everyone to Mercola's site.  

I believe I know who is making the cookware and you can find it here:

The product looks very cool if anyone wants to check it out.  Again, I don't receive anything for this gentle nudge.
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