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Forex Africa is an online Forex training and trading company which specializes in online negotiations and investments in international financial markets through our online trading platforms and partners.

Our goal is to provide our clients comfortable, reliable and avant-garde access to the Forex market, thus ensuring the best, fastest and most efficient training and trading conditions.

​Forex Africa was founded in 2015 by Siwele Aldrin Tinyiko and partners so nobody better than them to understand client needs for said industry. A vast group of professional experts specialized in computer science and financial services work non-stop to ensure the correct functioning of all operative and information systems. A key component of is to have decided over cutting-edge technology with the aim of safeguarding client information and ensuring control, execution and handling of systems in real time.


Forex Africa S.A. is our regional office in South Africa. Forex Africa S.A. acts as a White Label Partner and Introducing Broker for Few Companies like CM TRADING.

We offer individual, market investors a vast range of financial products which include: Forex and Crypto currencies , Options, Indices, Agriculture and Energy commodities , and Metals (Operations with Gold and Silver) pursuant to the best training conditions.

Account opening and training at Forex Africa may be done online which ensures safe, quick and efficient client access to our services


About 60% of our revenue is generated from Google AdSense, meaning when people click at ads displays in our website to read them that’s when we get paid. 40% of other income is made from other advertising and sales of products within the site.


We are proud to sponsor Tinyiko Mokgeretle child adoption center. We provide food, clothes and accommodation for them and also other necessities for them.


Our milestone is to be one of the best online Forex training in the whole world and to serve our members and non-members in the best possible way.
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Learn more about Forex trading, understand how to invest in stocks is the right website to clarify all this. Here is the easy way for understanding Usdtozar. The company is made up of these pages, afmforex is still usdtozar, the company was moved in 2018 to be usdtozar, the owners were concentrating on growing the company by merging both afmforex and forexafrica into one company, we are happy to announce that everything was done successfully.

To all clients, please do not be confused, here are the new pages that you may browse to learn more about our new company.

New Pages Site Map

Home Page:
This page helps you navigate all the sit pages, it explain in details what is happening in the site.
This page cover all new and old information concerning the global financial issues.
This page helps our clients who want to participate in writing contributions to the site.
This page explain more on trading using an institutional account.
This page explain how the Forex Brokers get paid for facilitating traders accounts.
This page provides more information on how to trade on a meta trader or an Mt4.
This page typically explain how people may obtain their Visa documents.
The page exxplain more on how to open a forex account with a small funding to your account.
This page is more concentrating on currencies of different countries.
This page teaches forex traders to trade different metals
So people are sometimes confused whether to pay tax on crypto? with this more will be explain in detals whether to pay or not.
The collection of music information and albums for people to purchase at a very cheap price.
People are provided with jobs information online, they are tauched interviews skills and to present themselves in an appropriate manner.
Forex traders may trade different types of energy
Forex traders are introduced to different cyrpto currencies like bitcoin, lite coin, dodge coin and others.
Individual may easily communicate to other forum members by posing and answering question.
This is the site information if you do not understand a particular page, it is more explain line by line until you understand.
Forex traders are taught different Forex trading strategies in order to be successful with their trades.this strategies include swing strategies, day trading, hedging, scalping and others.
Traders participate in writing blogs
Traders participates in sharing their ideas with others
A forex broker that was used by Forexafrica while they were still introducing brokers.
Lot of cheap clothes may be purchased at discounted prices
People who want to make money by referring others can easily join the program so they can earn a commission.
Traders may trade in a real account and with real money
People may search for different music genres using the search page
Forex traders are introduces in trading different foreign products like currencies, indices, energy, cryptos, commodities and others
Traders are introduced to understand Forex trading in explanation rather than being technical.
Traders are tauched on how to trade shares in Usa
Traders are introduces to different classes
Traders trades uk shares
This page helps investors understand the benefit and dangers of trading.
All Forex Traders may Trade Indices.
The information page, more related to the home page.
This explain more to Forex Traders how they may trade Shares in Europe.
This explain different types of Forex Brokers, institutional, Introducing and others.
This page is for people who believe in islamic
This are day traders, they trade on daily basis only concentrating on making profit in huge amounts.
This page include policies of the company.
Other brokers as explained above.
This page explain more on how traders may deposit funds on their accounts.
This page help Forex Traders to check the focused and previous financial records.
This page help traders to check the current and previous currency values, this include all universal currencies.
This is the ype of account traders may open if they meet the minimum deposit amounts.
This page helps Forex traders to trade shares in Ireland
This page provide more details on buying cheap tablets
This page include all different types of forex trading signals traders may aquire from their forex experts brokers, this signals may be send directly to your phone or emails
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Rising hire forex trading has moved the website to, all our clients should use the new website. We have improve our website, we hope that all our clients will find the new website very friendly to use
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