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When I light Shabbat candles, I know that thousands of women are completing the exact same ritual, at the same time. As did our mothers and grandmothers before us. As millions of Jewish women have done for centuries, around the world. One little match,…

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Israelis are generally friendly, warm and happy to have guests over. You don’t have to call in advance, just show up and knock on the door. But there is also a different kind of knock on the door. One that is never welcome. In fact, it is every family’s…

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I love the idea of this contest:
Be creative in telling the pro #Israel story and as a result, create a pool of successful tools that everyone can use. That’s smart.
I submitted two memes. This is the first. I’d appreciate if you would take a look and, if you like what I created, vote for my meme(s). Or any of the other ones you like there.
This is for all of us!
Thanks 😊

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On this #TishaBAv we have much to mourn.
But that is not enough.
It is time to take the steps necessary to put things right.

A body with a brain but not heart cannot live.
#Jerusalem is the heart of #Zion and the heart of Jerusalem is the #TempleMount.

It is time to be where we belong. Not beggars at the back door but family, inside the home.
It is not politicians who will save us but, like always, us – each and every one of us must make the choice to stand up, go back to the heart, take our friends and family with us
And never ever leave again.


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I once heard Bill Maher say that: “Israel has one every war she ever had to fight because she has to, she has no choice. If she loses she will be wiped off the map.” So true. In 2006, Israel was attacked by Hezbollah and was forced to go to war in…

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Two nights ago I sat in a restaurant with my family. The singing from the table behind us signified that it was not just my birthday. Grandparents were sitting at the center of a long table. The grandmother holding a newborn baby, her husband next to her,…

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Me in the middle of a sea of Indians. I had never seen so many Indians together in one place but that is because I haven’t been to India. Yet. Some 8000 Indians gathered in Tel Aviv’s exhibition grounds (according to the Indian Embassy in Israel). Prime…

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There is a dirty little secret the pro-Israel lobby doesn’t want you to know. It’s not really a secret, it’s out there for anyone to see but they distract from the issue, hoping to “maintain the peace.”  Of course, this doesn’t work. Pretending the…

#Israel #apartheid #TempleMount #Jerusalem #AlAqsa

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I #LoveIsraelBecause ours are a visionary people. In 1912 Yosef Yekutiel learned that numerous Jews participated in the Olympics and won medals. He envisioned Jewish athletes winning medals, not for the countries of their residence but for their homeland,…
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