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A video about all our granulators.

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What's New at Foremost Machine Builders
Type III Roller Feeder
9 Inch Type III roller feeder for introduction of roll scrap into a high shear film granulator comes complete with the following features:
9" knurled upper roller.
9" knurled lower roller.
7" opening to edge trim.
Upper and lower material guide.
Air cylinder tensioning of rolls.
Coupling guard.
It can be supplied with either a DC or Vector drive controller.

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For almost 30 years Helios have been developing, producing and supplying discharging stations for Octabins, Gaylords Boxes, Super Sacks and Bigbags. The OKTOMAT™ has revolutionized the unloading of plastic granules, powders, TPE's and even caps and closures.
Bulk Bag Unloading Stations:
Bulk Bag Unloading Stations
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We offer no-nonsense, pure performance solutions in cutting material down to size. Foremost plastic granulators range from 2 to 200 hp or more. With a variety of standard throat sizes and knife arrangements, our full line of granulators will handle all of your plastic and material production needs.
Our plastic granulators include:
Large-part and central batch
Beside-the-press "Microsonic"
Trim and high capacity for film or sheet
Spiral cut and patented dual stage hog
Special purpose -- under-press, hot melt, dual stage film, and others.
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The OKTOMAT SOS® Discharging Station removes material from big bulk bags, gaylord boxes, super sacks or any similiar container. It can do so without the assistance of an operator and is maintenance free.
The bags or containers don't need to be lifted into place, tilted or turned around. The container is typically moved to the OKTOMAT SOS® station using a pallet truck and then fastened to the discharge station. The conveying of material can be started automatically and without any down time in the conveying process. The bags will be completely emptied without leaving any residual materials in the bag. For more information visit:

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As a leading plastics processing equipment manufacturer we are proud to announce that we can now integrate A-Ward’s shipping container unloaders into our systems for unloading plastic resins.

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How many granulators will you purchase this year?
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Welcome to our Google+ Page.

For over 50 years, we at Foremost Machine Builders, Inc. engineer, build, install and service a comprehensive line of products and systems for bulk material processing. These include in-plant distribution, blending, drying, automated trim and scrap recycling and fully integrated plant control systems.
Founded in 1947 as a contract engineering and prototyping company, Foremost went on to pioneer developments such as Dual Stage Recycling Granulators and Multi-Component Gravimetric Blenders. Today, we are your single source for the experience and equipment that strengthen your process.

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Maximize your profits by shipping plastic resin in shipping containers with single container liner bags. Instead of always relying on expensive and hard to find tilting trailers, A-Ward Container Unloaders or Tilters allow for immediate and controlled unloading of shipping containers.  See more at:
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