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wat a waste of money when all the poor people in this country are finding it hard you have this conservative government spending money on the rich and famous
Don't worry , it will be a flop , this is not the British Empire any more .
Which was the only place to make a profit from the Olympics?
what gets me wound up about the olympics these days is all the olympians are jumping on the band wagon to make there million quid especially your british olympian failures i thought it was a amateur thing the olympics were there was no payment its seems that you do get paid for being in the olympics
Yeah ! You can get paid for anything these days . In the old days in Greece Olympians travelled from all parts of the known world to Greece to take part . They went home ,and arrived in time to set out for the next Olympics four years later. It takes money to travel these days .
Oh great Olympics. Just one dangerous problem if it really is true. Has anybody heard about any rumours of the Big Ben & the London bridge going to get blown up by a bunch of freemasonaries. I saw a youtube video. Can give the link if anybody wants? I'm scared man! Hope it's just a stupid rumour.
It is a stupid rumour . Who are these freemasonaries? Been tried once . Guy Fawkes?
Waiting for 99 more comments from different people to say it's a rumour. Thanks for the comment Henry.
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