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He has no idea what he is talking about ?
Lulz, hypocrites. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office means the free flow of western, mainstream ideas.
To clarify my comment, the hypocrite part applies fully to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.
Not much free flow of ideas in China is there? George.
At least I can criticise the establishment?
The whole point of ideas is to be able to express them without having your head kicked in. George.
I can call Cameron all kinds of things without fear, who knows what critisism of the leader in China will bring ?
No. The whole point of ideas is to create, change, or spread the idea. And as said, "at it's discretion" applies to the western establishment and stops the "free flow of ideas".

I think you overrate the tangible value of calling Cameron anything you want, but of course that small token freedom is true.
What do we have the freedom of information for , and the internet?
They are both more limited than you think (FOI "at it's discretion"). The latter as it began in the USA had inbuilt protections. Of course now they are becoming threats to the establishment and we see more controls develop ("at it's discretion") as the hypocrisy by the UK foreign & commonwealth office continues. I hope that explains the situation with these people.
I don't get it! How much freedom of information do you want, or put it this way , how much can you deal with ?
Enough to convict the criminals being sheltered in and by the British government.
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