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The UK Pavilion at Milan Expo is celebrating GREAT things #GrownInBritain today on UK National Day.

The events today highlight how the UK has built a reputation for being a welcoming, diverse and open nation, and as a destination for businesses and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Annual investment figures show that the UK has maintained its position as the number one destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Europe after attracting a record number of FDI projects in 2014, the highest in Europe and third in the world after the United States and China.

You can follow live events at the UK Pavilion from 0830 BST tomorrow on @UKPavilion2015 on Twitter and find out more about UK National Day at ‪#‎GrownInBritain‬ ‪#‎UKPavilion‬
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"In the absence of rule of law any efforts to consolidate democracy won't bear fruit. In absence of the rule of law you cannot really lay down foundations for countries' prosperity and development." In this video two former High Court judges and human rights lawyer Mandira Sharma discuss the continuing importance of the principles of Magna Carta in guaranteeing access to justice, democracy and human rights around the world: ‪#‎MagnaCarta‬
The UK Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 has welcomed more than 400,000 visitors since the opening of Expo on 1 May.
Director Sara Everett writes about the UK's first month at Expo:
"The UK Pavilion is attracting widespread admiration for the powerful message it sends through the fusion of art, science and nature in a single concept - the vital role of pollination to the global food chain and ecosystem."
Read more in Sara's blog:
‪#‎Expo2015‬ ‪#‎GrownInBritain‬
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British Embassies and High Commissions around the world will hold events to mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta on 15 June.
Magna Carta was a peace treaty sealed in 1215 between King John and his barons, who were in rebellion against his rule. The treaty established for the first time the principle that everybody, including the king, was subject to the law.
Magna Carta was the first step on the journey towards parliamentary democracy and respect for individual rights, and has inspired people around the world to oppose the abuse of power.
You can find out more about Magna Carta and the anniversary celebrations on the Magna Carta 800th website:
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Feeding the planet, energy for life: The UK Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 shows how British creativity and innovation are making a global impact.
During Expo, which runs until the end of the October, the UK Pavilion will feature innovation in food & drink, sustainable development, agricultural technology, creative industries, healthcare and life sciences.
You can find out more on the UK Pavilion website and by following @ukpavilion2015 on Twitter and Instagram
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Can you recommend a Scottish chef in Brussels who can make haggis? How do I set my antennae to receive English TV channels in Italy?

These are just some of the recent enquiries the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has received from around the world. Read more here:
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Great story! We've covered it here:
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Tomorrow the UK Pavilion at Milan Expo will be hosting a special programme of events including live performance, dance and music as part of UK national day at Expo.

It will highlight some of the UK’s contributions to the global challenge and main Expo theme of feeding the planet, and demonstrate that the UK is welcoming, diverse and open for business.

The UK Pavilion has attracted 12,000 visitors per day since it opened on 1 May. Visitors experience the journey of a bee through orchards and a British flower meadow before entering the 14m-tall hive at the heart of the Pavilion, a tribute to the essential role of bees in food pollination.

You can follow live events at the UK Pavilion from 0830 BST tomorrow on @UKPavilion2015 on Twitter and find out more about UK National Day at ‪#‎GrownInBritain‬ ‪#‎UKPavilion‬
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There are innocent people in Cambodia, +Foreign & Commonwealth Office​​ that are being arrested unlawfully, under the orders of the Dictator of their Land, and so therefore the dictator is actually acting in an unlawful manner, by having his people unlawfully arrested. Surely the Commissioner of Police in that Country?, then has the Power to arrest the Dictator in question?, for acting in an unlawful manner in the first place?, towards his own people, that he has sworn a solemn oath to protect. I, personally, am very concerned about this, as these kinds of things should not still be happening in such an advanced world as We have in this present age, so I hope that someone in Your Office?, can help the people of Cambodia? I have been in contact, just today, with +Jendhamuni Sos​​ of whom is Cambodian and knows quite a whole lot more about the whole situation in Cambodia than I do, so I am sure that You may be able to help, even if the Country of Cambodia in not actually in the Commonwealth?, but could probably do with an unbiased opinion or two?, about how Countries should "actually" be run? I hope that someone there at the +Foreign & Commonwealth Office​​ finds this here today?, and that something positive comes from My own personal enquiry on My own behalf and that of My Friend +Jendhamuni Sos​​. 
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Today is the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta, one of the first steps towards democracy and the rule of law in the UK. Its story has inspired far beyond the UK’s borders; the principles it enshrines – equality before the law, limits to the arbitrary exercise of power, due and fair process for citizens – are more relevant today than ever before.

Speaking at the official ceremony at Runnymede, in his own constituency, the Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, said:
"I am immensely proud to be taking part in these celebrations, both as Foreign Secretary and MP for Runnymede. This is Great Britain at its best, showcasing the traditions and values underpinning the modern, outward looking democracy that supports our dynamic economy.

"Magna Carta is a symbol of the UK’s deeply rooted democracy: a story of evolution rather than revolution; of patient embedding of the principles and institutions that support successful societies. We are proud to be sharing our experience with others making their own journey to democracy. The UK will continue to defend the values of the rules-based international system which can trace its origins to this landmark document."

Read more about the national celebrations and the relevance of Magna Carta today on the Magna Carta 800th website:

Photo: Magna Carta memorial, Runnymede by TTWFF
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thou have been my grave, never shall be my cradle
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“No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land. To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.”
These words, written in the ‪#‎MagnaCarta‬ in 1215, are a cornerstone of the British constitution. Although most of the clauses of Magna Carta dealt with specific grievances such as property rights and taxation, the 39th clause guaranteeing all free men the right to justice and a fair trial are echoed in many constitutional documents around the world.
This video from the British Library explains how the 13th battle between King John and his barons lead to the world's first bill of rights:
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I hear what your your government says here! However, I have spent 12 years I n UK but your government have taken me as an enemy of your state without a right to existence or freely serve my duties functionally and acceptably through the people!
When your government and others used all spiritual, sorcerers and my own courts to kidnap my daughter Elisabeth from me and alleged that Jesus Christ and His Father God Almighty mentally insane people who overrate themselves! To mention my name simply as Justice means I don't belong here and must grilled alive! For that sake you continue to act through the years of Troy war! However, I believe My Father God Almighty is not an insane man and neither are his spirits faulty like unused arrows and bows! Respect for One who Connects all your Souls into your Breathe Giver is lacking for the simple reason that you rely on a spirit of prostitute to in order to justify yourselves as seeing one and wiser leaders. A student is sent down here! I have no idea why God Almighty should appoint a man who had not attended Oxfors Law schools and and have never received a law-judge qualification; yet He is the one assigned for the special duty of justice. Now I have being your slave for how many years? Would you continue to keep the love of God in your possessions and sits there that you have nice power and are better Teacher of the law eternal over and above than your Maker? Humility and simplicity is all it has been to remain like fool because he who trust that God exists and His Counsellor indeed, would have to be patient until God's date of doing things accepted and honoured! When you turn a man's hard work to imperfect sex objects and continue to justify the seat your queen seats in as the God of this earth then I must be sure to wait until your own life and breathe giver fights God out to the sky's then Truth can be established, albeit, may be too late as your governments of the earth does not Own Time. So consider where you accept responsibility and turn from your old ways that annoys our maker and pursue Justice, otherwise peace His daughter that you took away to the mouth of that crocodile and snakes, can never return to the earth! I have been kind to wake up to earlier and respond to you out of courtesy but I must say, your public news are a waste and irrationality of conscience and lack of understanding of what issue and time decreed Eternally that is passing by! A sensible and fair government who knows the Truth from your father King James, would have written a letter personally as a government of the people under a Sword you know not where it is decensing down on all mankind! It's not personal as part from my 2 children under your prisons. Consider further and look not for my reply here again. Justice, The Divine Retributive! 
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One year on since the Islamic State (IS) announced a so-called caliphate across swathes of Iraq and Syria, a 60-nation anti-IS coalition meets for a second time in Paris on Tuesday, against the backdrop of recent territorial gains and new reports of atrocities by the group. 

On the eve of the conference, VICE News spoke to UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to discuss the country's contribution to the coalition and the progress in the fight against IS.
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+Live From Asia videos How can anybody possibly take you serious if you write lol?
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The UK Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 is inspired by the journey of the honey bee and highlights the vital role of pollination in the global food chain. Visitors experience an immersive journey through a British orchard and wildflower meadow, before entering a 14 metre high hive.

Milan Expo 2015 aims to highlight one of the most pressing challenges of our time - how to feed and sustain an expected rise in the world’s population to 9 billion by 2050. The UK’s presence at this event shows how Britain contributes world leading solutions to some of today's greatest challenges.

You can find out more on the UK Pavilion website and by following @ukpavilion2015 on Twitter and Instagram
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I'm in a headspace for the commune of bee's...
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Call for questions! The Foreign Office’s Consular Assistance Team are holding a live Twitter Q&A on all things winter sports related. Join us on Friday 20 February from 3pm! #AskWinterSports #Twitter  
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