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Electronic Products and Wireless Automation, Co.
Electronic Products and Wireless Automation, Co.

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Wireless calling systems has a wide variety of applications:
- Nurse call systems at hospitals
- Restaurant waiter calling units
- Office peon call bells
- Guest house and hotels attendant calling
and many more

The primary component of wireless calling systems is a receiver indicator unit and a set of remote controllers. Every remote is designated to a number. When pressed, corresponding indicator at the receiver is alarmed. This informs the attendant / nurse to attend the calling party.
Extremely simple to use system.

- Needs no wiring
- No installation
- Neither has any future maintenance
- Systems are long lasting and durable
- Its reliable and works 24x7
- No range of communication limitation (with the use of boosters)
- Simple to understand and easy to use

Over 10,000+ customers all over the world are using it from past 1 decade with satisfactory results. The wireless calling systems gives peace of time in terms of reliability and functionality.

FORBIX SEMICON produces more than 400 different electronic products and wireless automation solutions.
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