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Walmart to offer iPhone 5 off contract, unlimited service for $45 monthly

For consumers willing to buy the phone upfront, Walmart's Pre-Paid iPhone 5 service is extremely affordable.
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At first appears to be good for consumers. 
Tre Tre
How much will the phone be,that's the real question
Sounds expensive upfront. Where you save is on the monthly fee. $45 is down right cheep. Wonder how much the phone cost and what kind of connection the network has. 
in Indonesia. iphone has a price approximately 19 million...
I'd love an iphone ....
dwi tya
iphone is importance
The service is traight talk, it is a partnership between Verizon, Walmart, and tracphone. The service is great! Ajywahere verizon has a signal you will have a signal. I used it for 2 years 2009-11. I never had any complaints, i only left because at the time they didnt have smart phones. Every phone offered on straightalk is full price so i am sure the iphone will be roughly $700. Hope this helps.
nic iphone.......i like it........
In my country it is almost 2 million. Ugh?
Interesting, but nothing Special will come out of the deal.
the main question is not price but coverage. who cares if it's cheap when you can't call or use data...
+Andrew Bowlby Of course it is - you paying full price of the phone up front, all they do is provide you with a service with no contract.
+Andrey Cherneha Did you read my comment? I am in the Army, I traveled all over the country (united states) with a straightalk phone. There is no roaming and I never was without service.  
Then y am I paying $75 a month for AT&T
+Justin Fort Because Vz and ATT are greedy? Because it's mostly monopoly and they can match each other prices and leave you with no choice? Because with ATT you pay 199 for a phone and don't have to pay upfront? Because Jesus (Xenu, Spaghetti Monster) wants you to? :) 
i like so beautiful..........
I'm not sure Justin. Why are you?  I left straight talk and went to Verizon for Smartphones.  Then I left Verizon and went to Sprint to save money.  I have four phones on family plan with Sprint and it costs me less than $200 a month and it's unlimited everything national so it really wouldn't save me any money to go back to straight talk plus I can get the best Android phone on the market at a subsidized price.  but if I only need one phone or even just two, I would probably go back to straight talk now that they offer smart phones.  I imagine people are not going to want to upgrade very often due to paying full price for every phone.  That's something to think about.
So it costs $45 a month to use an iPhone 5? Wow, that is totally worth it!
but still it can be affordable 
+Daniel Seymour And you got your Nexus 4 JUST because it was $350 or because of its flexible OS? There are plenty of cheaper phones. I doubt if N4 was $450 you wouldn't get it. So your argument is kinda invalid here
Has anyone confirmed if this unlocked yet?
how is if may want tu buy but not have enaugh money
wah gile  is tecnology but
I recently switched from Verizon to Virgin Mobile to save on the plan, and I'm only paying $30/month for unlimited data and texting; less than what I was paying on Verizon for limited texting and no data capabilities at all.  The only downside to this is Virgin did not have the most recent phones, forcing me to get a phone from last generation (Galaxy S2 4g, which I am still very very happy with).  I also had to pay full price for the phone, but the service is not very good.  Makes me kind of wish that this deal was around when I was getting a new phone, as I would probably trade the superior Android OS for the latest iPhone with Verizon's superior service, for a still cheap price and no contract.
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