Who agrees with Rio Ferdinand's comments on Rafael?
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Premier League yes, but not the Champions League. He's been fantastic this season though.
He finally seems to be maturing as well. Possibly due to separation from Fábio this season? There was a rumour going round at the end of last season that the club was frustrated with how emotionally immature he was...
Maybe that's why Sir Alex shipped Fabio out on loan for the season, just to ensure both of them could mature apart.
He's been our first choice right back all season. And, well, your lot didn't exactly keep Ronaldo quiet, did they?
Fair enough. What's wrong with his attitude?! One of his best attributes in my opinion!
Almost certainly. Arguably fewer, but nearly as many. He's the only natural right back in the squad. And I love that about his attitude! I miss the fire in Rooney...
After his mistake in the Olympics final, he's playing great this season. Maybe that's the biggest prove that he's maturing.
he was definitely drunk when he tweeted that
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