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Introducing Food Network Star Finalist: Justin Warner

Justin is on Team Alton, and is the youngest finalist in this competition. He raps about wine, has a fondness for fish sauce and wants to become the Conan of food television.

Learn more about Justin >>
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who raps about food strange! but also lol its awesom! !
+Victor Lomeli You obviously don't watch the Food Network, or aren't familiar with their lineup. The Food Network is about as culturally and racially diverse as any other network. That goes for not only the programs but the participants.
Also, for example, each Worst Cooks series is about as rainbow as possible.
Am I the only one who thinks he kind of looks like Bobby Flay??
hes kinda like bobby flay but like wierder
very good point, both of you - lol!!
Justin, I want to vote for you however I refuse to open an Facebook account just to vote. Remind your producer that Facebook is not for everyone and you are missing out on votes by forcing this illogical integration.  I could understand Twitter but FB?
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