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Today is National Margarita Day! Is your favorite margarita on the rocks or frozen? Salt or no salt? Tell us in the comments below!
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On the rocks, no salt.

Large glass/cup full of ice
Generous portion of good silver tequila
A bit of mix of your choice
Splash of Citronge
Rocks, no salt...and definitely from someplace that serves them by the liter! Some nice and spicy salsa to go along and you the makings of a great evening (or afternoon, either works)
frozen with salt or if it's pomegranate on the rocks with a splash of sprite. My mouth is watering. omg.
alcoholics go to meetings. we are just drunks. we go to parties. and... hangouts!!!
On the Rocks with Salt....Yummy
frozen of course and rimmed in salt all the better.mmmmm yum
Gotta have the salt for me.
of course frozen with a little bit salt as well....!!
Vicki C
No salt, please.
On the rocks with salt. I prefer it made with cuervo and a little Grand Marnier on top.
its also ash wendsday so anyone following that can't have one :(
Fresh lime juice, Herradura silver tequila and one small ice cube
TOP Shelf Tequila on the Rocks w/ Salt; Keep u'm coming, oh yeah . . \~/
Light salt and blended. The perfect margarita is shared.
Patron anejo, no tripplesec, shot of grandma, fresh lime juice, hold the sweet n sour....mmmmmm
Makes my head hurt just looking at the photo! Prefer shot of Crown...thankyou! Enjoy! :))
Golden on the rocks w/ salt
"national margarita day" could it get any stupider?
The bar in Jamestown, Missouri offers them rimmed with sugar and the women love them!
Fresh juice is the most important! Then quality(ish) tequila. Then Cointreau (or Triple Sec in a pinch). On the rocks. No salt.
On the rocks, fresh squeezed juice, lots of salt.
I like my margarita neat, no juice or ice
Kara O.
On the rocks, no fancy flavors or salt.
same here... but i still love food network!
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Classic on the rocks with little or no salt.
well, i'm not old enough to drink, but if so,i think i'd like the salt.
Frozen, no salt. The best Margarita I ever had was at Margaritaville in Cabo San Lucas. I'd fly there just for the calamari and margaritas
Well then today is apparently a great day then for me! I love mine salted and on the rocks, or frozen I will never turn down a margarita!
A little salt...
On the rocks and lots of sale. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM
On the rocks. Plenty of salt. And lime is the only flavor. 
Btw, using top shelf tequila in a margarita is a waste. Just use a quality tequila that is 100% agave. The strong flavors of everything else in the margarita will take out the subtleties present in top shelf. 
Rocks w/salt and if it is frozen strawberry one sugar is good.
well it was Fat Tuesday yesterday. Like most religious holidays they will repent and start again. Sad But True
Forget the juice and the rocks, just bring the tequila.
My favorite beverage!
Lemon definitely. And salt!
On the rocks, no salt! The Rio in Fort Collins, CO has the best ever!
i couldnt drink that but it looks good i am against alchal
Margarita on the rocks with salt around the rim
I have tried Margarita once. It's an awesome drink.
Erin A
drugs kill
50 oz Rocks + Salt just for today :) What a way to end the evening! LOL!
Yay for national margarita day! Almost off work going to get me one
wanted one margaritas...
Binary Margarita (for all the geeks out there):
4 parts Safeway lime-aid.
2 parts Don Julio Anejo
1 part Contreau

On the rocks. And yes, it's strong.
+frank lagola why no rita for you? If you are working or just don't do alcohol there are many non-alcoholic versions worth a try! Very refreshing too! (and good for you....but we don't need to focus on that lol!)
On the rocks with salt...that way the drunk doesn't sneak up on you haha
mr jai golden city jaisalmer india
Anyway you want to give it to me! I love my cousin's the best though!
Sorry not to be a..s....l, you forgot is one more way to make a Margarita strait up...any way i like it on the rocks half rime of the glass with salt and the other with out.Best drink for me if you can make a proper one.(forgot can i have it with gold Tequila PLEASE....Gnamgnam urraaa.
'when life is only giving you SOUR LEMONS make a very SWEET LEMONADE!!!!
haha well i'll let you know when i'm old enough to drink one :P
good maxican silver taquila without salt
3/8 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
1/8 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/2 cup triple sec
1 cup Sauza Hornitos reposado tequila
Agave nectar (to taste)
2 salted margarita glasses
Best ever for me is truly a bizarre recipe:

Frozen limeade
ice cubes
Coors Light

(Yes, I said Coors Light!)

Add to blender: about 3 or 4 large spoonfuls frozen limeade concentrate + 5 to 7 ice cubes, 3 shots tequila and half a can of Coors Light beer. Blend on pulse until frothy and some ice remains. Unbelievable. Makes about 2 or 3 servings and it amazingly rich and strong. Beats the "el presidente" versions I've had in great Mexican bars. Let me know if anyone tries this out. Everyone I've "gifted" is amazed.
All i know is tha when,i go to México i get real
drunk on tequila ,in fact I'm so mess up right now Im falling asleep !! ¦~]
+John Lawson They have place two different days together so bar tenders and doctors make money together ;)
I like mine on the rock with salt but not "watered down with too much ice".
wat is this .............
its cocktail or something else ????????????
With Salt and With Lemon ....
I like my margaritas frozen with no salt
I'll take mine blended with salt, thank you.
It's looking very refreshing.........Iwant one with salt !
Just by looking it gives coolnesssssss.........
why is it white?? or is it green?? i like mexican margarita and the blue-color margarita..of course with salt!! long live margarita! :)
I make mine bistro style: El Jimador Reposado , Tuaca (instead of triple sec), fresh squeezed lime and orange juice shaken and served on the rocks with salt and a float of cranberry. Cheers !
On the rocks 4 me with salt... LOVE EMMM!!
any kind is great but if i must choose FROZEN!
on the rock with salt!! then no salt on the frozen!!!!!
What? I missed National Margarita Day? Nooooooo....
colorful one.. wat abt its taste??
frozen without salt. I like that.
frozen without salt. I like that.
In a martini glass. No ice, yes to salt. Olives are okay too.
Lina Wu
Looks very fresh, feels very "Spring"_ green,clean and fresh; But how about the taste? I have no idea. My experience with spirit is only some red wine : )
I had an orange Margarita with salt on the rim. Yum! :)
frozen and with salt..Oh yeah!
i like skinny margaritas with no salt. on the rocks ...mmmhh so good =)
On the Rocks, No Salt, and then it can be any flavor! My favorite drink!
Mine is FROZEN with SALT!!! Oh Yummmmmmmmm!
Top shelf, rocks and salt on half of the rim!
sorry none of the above. no alcohol, spirit, or wine for me!
The Island Cafe has a great Cadillac Margarita both ways with or without!
Portland OR yummerzzz.
frozen - with salt....I could go for one right now. What's your favorite kind - I like the fruit-flavored ones.
madhu g
good full of sugar flavoured
I want it frozen with salt sugar.
Just relaxing under a umbrella shade will it's beaming sipping on it like u on a beach 
Vicki C
Okay picture this... Top shelf Margarita - frozen, feet in the sand, sitting on a beach chair, under a large umbrella, warm breeze, smell of the ocean in front of me. ♥Aaaaah♥ Then I wake up & realize it was all a dream... A really good dream though.
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