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Everyone has had a Worst Cooks moment…

Share one of yours below!

And tune in as a whole new batch of recruits are welcomed to the Worst Cooks in America Boot Camp Monday at 9|8c. 
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One time accidentally got some soap bubbles in cupcake mix 
Yorkshire pud mix pls help. I thinks the flour. 
I grabbed the gallon of soy sauce instead of the vanilla for the French toast at work. 
I am not sure if this is my worst moment, but it is could very well be. I once added to much salt to my sauce and I thought that in order to even it out, I just had to use the opposite of salt. I used sugar. The taste was so bad I had to throw away everything.
I caught myself on fire last week while making pancakes.
Luckily for me I wasn't burned since I had on long sleeves. I got back on the pancake making wagon today without incident.
I accidentally put cinnamon on my steaks thinking it was the pepper. .
Ana L
I accidentally put monosodium glutamate to cook spaghetti instead of salt!!!!! :(
My newly divorced dad breaded a mess of frogs legs in powdered sugar and fried them. Um yeah, gross!
Baked Alaska melted all over the stove when I was about 13 years old. It made me quit cooking.
Made biscuits for the first time sent everyone to the bathroom too much Lard.
Loaf of bread, turned out completely hollow.
Used chili powder instead of cinamon on french toast
Accidentally loaded a pot holder into the oven with my dish not realizing it and it caught fire.... 
My first time making beef stew my Mom said to use flour to thicken it a little.  I used too much ended up with the beef and veggie gelatinous goo.  My Dad said it tasted good and ate the entire pot. I apparently eat with my eyes and wouldn't touch it.  
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