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Morning world....another rainy day...seems like it rains every other day out here where I live! Chase back in the woods running around...smh...waiting for my phone today....UPS....get it here....this phone playing tricks!

Just getting in from going to a Club! Haven't been out in many bestfriend wanted to take me out for my Bday! She was really on it tonite! Had fun...didn't have to curse anyone out tonite from the look on my face! Glad I don't go out regular...shit was still the same! SAD 

Good morning friends..hope today is a great day! Mine seems to be starting slow and hopefully it will productive! Have a great wknd! Oh yeah...a female friend taking me out tonite...haven't been out in yrs...for my's Dec 30!

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Too funny!

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Cool phone! Would love to see it in my hands to check out!

Good morning friends! Hope all is well this Friday morning...about to get my day started! Gonna be a long day! Be blessed!

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I know there's hurt
I know there's pain
But people change
Lord knows, I been no Saint
In my own way
Regret choices I made
How do I say I'm sorry
How do I say I'm sorry

I was scared
I was unprepared
Oh from the things you said
If I could undo
That would hurt you
I'd do anything
For us to make it truth....

Blank Page...ready for you to bring me to life

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Stomach hurt from laughing so hard! @ least know the words to the song! ROFLMAO

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Sunday after Church
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