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China Circles: Yes, it is about time we follow the example of the rest of the world and start setting up some China circles in Google+. Apart from a Hong Kong Circle, I have not seen them for the rest of China.
So: 1. are you active on Google+; 2. you are living in China, have been living in China or have any other affiliation; 3. you want to be included in public China circles?
Comment, plus this message. When you are affiliated with a specific province in China, mention so in the comments. When we get enough reactions, we will make provincial circles too.
Feel free to share this message to other relevant G+'ers, but do ask them to comment on this original post.
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Good idea.  I have my own China circle but hadn't thought about creating a public one. 
+Alicia Noel Maybe you can share the message with your China Hands? Response has up to now not yet been overwhelming.
Done.  You posted this in the early afternoon and it's still early evening. I imagine a lot of people have been offline.  
I'm affiliated with the NYC province  (don't laugh.  Largest Chinese pop outside of Asia.).  A China Circle is a good idea.  Did you set one up yet?  I'm in.
+Andrew Hupert Yeah, I got invited last week for a Belgian circle, part of a Dutch and a HK one. Just realized there was no China one yet. Depending on the feedback, I might set up separate circles for provinces, and perhaps also for the diaspora,although one China circle would be nice for starters
I lived in China for 10 years; from 2001 to 2011. My home office is still in China; my wife is Chinese, I still have much connection to the Mother Land...  has this circle started, +Fons Tuinstra ?
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