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Social Media Stickers, Instagram Stickers, Clings, Table Tents, and other Products that help word of mouth grow!
Social Media Stickers, Instagram Stickers, Clings, Table Tents, and other Products that help word of mouth grow!

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Introducing Hashtag Stickers for Social Networks. Start or continue the conversation around your brand, organization, or cause — locally!

Along with this update comes wide-format table tents, at 9" by 2" tall they feature your custom hashtag with beautiful colors and fonts.

What are Hashtags? Hashtags are like a digital conversation. When someone uses a hashtag in a social post it is like a link bank to the original conversation. Why are they useful? If you want to promote a cause or raise awareness for your campaign (be it political or not) you can encourage the use of a specific hashtag. This hashtag will encourage new comments, ideas, and communications around the tag topic. Often times hashtags can be used to help categorize useful information, for example if you would like to learn about the Event Marketing topic you could view the latest hashtag posts on twitter here. Twitter shines when it comes to hashtags and it even enables live twitter chats that stay on topic allowing anyone anywhere to chime in on the conversation. You could search for any Hashtag simply by placing the pound sign in front of the words or you can find hashtag meanings on websites like Often multiple words are squished together into one word with the symbol up front, this is partly to save space but it is also because most of the networks recognize this as a tag (without spaces). Sometimes however hashtags can be used for promotional purposes (or even abused). There are some rules for using them correctly such as to not overdo it. This is just a small part of everything to do with hashtags. If you want to learn more do ask us!

We've created these stickers to help anyone get custom-printed hashtag (or even cashtag) items to help with their campaign and start a conversation or raise awareness locally while using a hashtag on social networks.

Our personalized materials have helped many businesses, non-profits, schools, universities, bands, government programs, parks, recreation programs, small business, franchises, artists, and other organizations who have established online social-media profiles develop a stronger and more local online following. Never buy followers. Your local community has to grow organically through time and consistent effort and persistence. Displaying these beautiful stickers at your location will enhance the effectiveness of your existing local social-profile awareness campaigns as well as start conversations regarding your online presence.

To learn more visit

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The new #instagram logo is available on many of the Instagram personalized items at - makes premium quality custom personalized stickers that have your social profile URL and information on them to help you grow a more local audience.

Recently, Instagram updated their branding guidelines and official logo so we've made sure to follow their specifications and updated the logos accordingly on the Instagram items. We hope your organization benefits locally by displaying these quality personalized Instagram materials.

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Hudson's of Stratford sent us these great photos showing off AnyCling™ in the elevator and interior window decals (on the inside windows facing out), pictured are Facebook Stickers for Business, Twitter Stickers, and Instagram Stickers. The AnyCling™ stickers remain firmly placed, but if removed will NOT leave behind horrible sticky residue. No fuss application - no fuss removal.

From - - and

Nearly every is uniquely personalized. This unique custom URL featured on the stickers helps viewers find the right social page easily.

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The month of April marked 5 years in business for!

5 years ago in April 2011 I designed the first page of the website and launched I could only dream of one day working on the project full time. It was two whole agonizing months later that the first sale finally came in. Now I've sent personalized stickers to every state and many countries around the world and couldn't have done it without you!

To celebrate this 5 Year Milestone and the new 4.5" size, for the next two weeks until May 10th, we’re including with every new order a free personalized 4.5" premium outdoor AnyCling™ sticker! --- If you would like a specific network, let us know in the special instructions during checkout.

We love hearing how has helped grow your local online community. It has been amazing learning about the vast variety of organizations out there! As always, if you have a success story after displaying FollowMeStickers around your location, we'd love to hear from you!

A great big thank you to our family, friends, staff and amazing customers that have supported us over the past five years! We are very proud to be celebrating our fifth year in business and are looking forward to many more to come!


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Order your personalized social media decals for your business or organization at - has a wide variety of sticker options to help encourage more local connections online.

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New 6.5" 'Ultra' size Circles in multiple material formats. Indoor, Outdoor, and Window Decal (WinDecal™) - New 1.83" Small Circles in 'Budget' format or premium glossy removable AnyCling™

The new six and a half inch wide circular stickers help promote your social network profile locally and are big and visible for vans, vehicles, or interior shopfront windows.

Nearly every sticker created by features a unique URL helping visitors find your social network page, wether it is on Google+ Local or Instagram or YouTube and others.

The new Small Circle stickers feature a curved username or url at the top of the sticker and come in a 'Budget' material option- this is an all new material that is highly affordable and can help raise awareness of your social network profile.

A wide variety of organizations including Artists, Bands, and DJ's as well as Salons, Hairdressers, and Barbershops are utilizing the Small 'Budget' stickers to encourage a more local following around their pages.

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We now have 1.83" small circle stickers available, including awesome small youtube stickers, google maps local stickers, and many others for your favorite networks! See them on

Please let us know what you think! The social media stickers feature removable AnyCling™ and come in indoor and outdoor options, as well as a special removable budget option! Snapchat stickers and Vine stickers are completely new!

We can't wait to see your photos of them in action, visit for more information.

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Watch the Video for YouTube for Small Business with Jen Coleman:

For Google Small Business it's #socialmedia   month: get #SmallBiztips   on a few of the top social networks this month.

#localbusines   #smallbusiness   #business   #marketing

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Today we reduced prices on all of our Table Tents! There's also an offer going on our Facebook Fan Page: to get 10% off the new reduced-priced items to celebrate! (Ends Sept 16th!)

You can see a preview of them and learn more at :

Soon we will be updating all of our Google+ items to feature the new branding guidelines from Google+, this is a tedious and big job and will take some time, if you were planning on purchasing the G+ items I recommend to hold off, the ETA is about 1 week. -Stuart

The Table Tents are made from Sturdy Plastic and feature a Double-sided glossy cardstock display protected by the shiny plastic of the tent. Each design features your personalized URL as well as Generated QR Codes for Smartphone Scanning, they also have optional NFC tags if you wish that work well with Android smartphones. Table Tents are great for many organizations, to place at events, at checkout, and on tables around your location.

The new Table Tents have a Budget and a UV-Upgraded option.

Choose the UV+Upgraded option to have us add a UV layer onto the glossy cardstock to keep the colors lasting much longer, or go budget and still get a top quality tent at an affordable price.

The budget option still includes very bright whites and strong colors with a glossy shine. The shiny plastic of the tent keeps the design safe too and each tent has cardboard support underneath the cardstock inserts.

Simply provide us your Username in the Preview, or you can input the URL on the checkout page, as long as we know the correct URL, we can generate your free QR trackable QR Code and (optional) NFC Tags!

The great thing about Table Tents is that visitors who see them know where to go to follow your organization on social networks to get the latest posts, updates, pictures, special offers, or any of the latest news you've decided to share (content) on your online community.

These items are encouraging a local following for your local organization over time.  The Table Tents let visitors know that your organization is active on the social network, sharing information and engaging, talking, and listening to local audiences. This can be very beneficial for your organization to encourage a stronger local community around it.

Our personalized social media materials have helped many businesses, non-profits, schools, universities, gyms, barbershops, salons, small businesses, local businesses, franchises, cities, government programs, job placement programs, bands, DJ's, and many many other organizations grow a more local following, which they can then amplify their local communications through their location-oriented social network post updates.

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Removable 3.45" (Mega) Stickers featuring AnyCling™ - now available in 4" (LRG) too with the latest website update completed today! More updates on the way.

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*Scheduled Maintenance Important Notice to Customers*: will be down sporadically tomorrow (Friday) through to the 1st of September. Items ordered will be shipped out starting on the 2nd.
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