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Ramblings of an Old Gamer
Ramblings of an Old Gamer


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My Collections are RPG, Card Games, and Blogging/G+.

I may add more. It would be nice if some posts could be in two collections, such as both RPG and Science Fiction. 

I used to use this G+ page for RPG stuff only, now I'm doing a card game. You won't get much else from me here, except the occasional comment about my blog, website, or issues with G+ or FB.
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Sneak peak at the cover for my PDF in the works.

Art by Dennis McCarthy and his Fantasy Stock Art Dungeon Scenes, available on OBS.

Switching to using Page Plus has made this so much easier. I can get pictures exactly where I want them, the text flows automatically.

I just have to decide how I want the tables formatted. I need to add a few more tables, and revise some prose, but I'm confident of having this done soon!
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I have learned a few things trying to use LibreOffice to prepare my first PDF for OBS.

1.) Set the page numbers BEFORE you have the layout finalized. Otherwise it uses just enough space to break your layout.

2.) There is supposed to be a way to get multiple types of pages numbers to work in a single Libre Office document. It's tied to the page style, but I can't get it to work.

3.) Links to web pages in the ODT document, the format used by Libre Office, carries over to the PDFs it creates. If you set a bookmark to a location in the ODT it has to be a header for it to show up in the bookmarks in the PDF. I was glad to see that.

4.) I can make a separate Libre Office document for the Cover Page, Contents & Intro pages, and the main document. This allows the Contents & Intro to use Roman numeral page numbers, and the main document to use Arabic page numbers. All 3 can be combined via a Master Document, but the page numbers don't pull in and are lost when creating a unified PDF from the Master Document. It looks great, except for no page numbers.

5.) To use page numbers in the Master Document requires figuring out how to make it recognize the page numbers.

I've spent over four hours adding art and getting the layout perfect, only to ruin it by adding page numbers, then spinning wheels trying to get Roman and Arabic page numbers in the same ODT.

While Libre Office might work for a simple document without too much effort, I'm not wasting any more time with it.

I bought Page+ a couple weeks ago due to a recommendation by +Glen Hallstrom on his Podcast, Radio Grognard. It was like $20 and is very simple to use. I opened my 3 PDFs I made separately from each ODT file from Libre Office. I copied the data from each page into a fresh Page+ project and it kept the page numbers, and the way I had the text aligned, and it made a perfect PDF.

The only issues are that the links didn't translate, so I'll have to re-do the links to web pages, and the internal links/bookmarks from the contents page.

Whichever of the two I end up using, I still have to add text to the cover page, such as title, etc. and there is white space that is unbalanced that I have to resolve.

If you're thinking about publishing a PDF online, and doing it yourself, allow plenty of time to figure all this stuff out.

I still have two weeks before my goal of Labor Day to figure this out. Once I figure it out in Page+, I can save off my first effort as a template to make future PDFs quicker to produce and they will be similar in style and thus "go together."

Hopefully, this will help me remember this tomorrow, and be helpful to others.
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I've edited my document to 16 pages from 22 pages. 2 or three pages went away by revision and removal of that which was not on point. The rest was reduced by changing the font and going to a two column layout. Since I began by copying from the blog articles, it used the font on the blog, and it was not the same font for all articles I copied. I'm using the default 12 point font, and it's legible on-screen to me.

I have a rough title page, and figured out bookmarks for links to each section, and it transfers to the PDF.

I'm using Libre Office and it's a bit clunky for things. I think I can make it work for an initial PDF.

I've got some stock art from DriveThruRPG to fill in the white space. I haven't started that yet.

I also need something for the cover.

I've got two weeks until my goal of having it on OBS as PWYW by Labor Day. As long as my efforts to make it look acceptable don't take too long, and the process of submitting to OBS goes well, I think I'll make it.

I'm a learn by doing kind of person. Until the mystery of doing a new task the first time is behind me, I'm not sure what I might be doing that will need to be streamlined or altered for future efforts, but this seems to be something I can make basic PWYW PDFs fairly quickly. This assumes I have the text written and art/graphics for the extra white space.
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I have 20 pages for a PDF I'm working on for OBS. It has several tables. Formatting them properly & trimming superfluous text will knock off a few pages.

Initially, I thought it might be a 2 or 3 pages, but decided it made sense to gather all related articles from my blog.

I'll polish the text and tighten it up before I worry about layout.
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Let's watch the captain beam down for an away mission here....

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Let's watch the captain beam down for an away mission here....

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Let's watch the captain beam down for an away mission here....

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Here's the source of the super advanced alien civilizations. Maybe even those of deific power.
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