Big update to the Hangout Comment Tracker extension.
Hangout Comment Tracker - Update

A pretty huge first update for this hangout extension, that will allow you to keep track of comments on posts while being in a Hangout on Air, allowing you to react directly live to questions and comments by your viewers.

Multiple Posts

You can now add multiple URLs to be monitored simultaneously and you can remove tracked URLs again with a simple click.
To make this update possible the layout has been changed slightly, to have a posts view where the tracked posts are displayed with a short summary and a comment view for a merged view of comments from all tracked posts.
Posts/comments are colour-coded so you know which comments came from which post.
Also the timestamps of the posts/comments now link directly to the relevant post, in case you need to react to comments there directly.

Updated/deleted comments

When the commenter decides to change something in their comment after posting, this change will now be updated in the extension as well. To make clear that something about the comment changed the timestamp of this comment will be highlighted and updated to the time of the latest change.

If a commenter deletes their comment, the comment in the extension will first be grayed and crossed-out and will then disappear completely after a short while.

Hope those changes will make the extension more useful.

I'm always open for feedback and suggestions :)

/cc +Chee Chew +Thorben Groth +Amit Fulay
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