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Focus Dog Training - Obedience Dog Training

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Dog Training Montgomery

Focus Dog Training offers one-on-one dog obedience training courses, agility courses, rude behavior, aggressive behavior, or skittish
behavior training. Basicly, if you have a problem, I am confident that I can help your situation. All of my programs cater to your
dog’s specific personality issues.

Once I come out and assess what the issues are that you are having and meet your dog, we will come up with a training plan that fits
your lifestyle and goals. I will usually begin training on the same day that we meet.

Obedience training can begin at 7 weeks of age. This helps promote safety as well as teaches your dog good manners. We will work on
six basic commands: come, sit, down, stand, and heel. Older dogs even benefit
from obedience training. I have had many successful stories
that you can read throughout my website. All of the dogs range in age. Dog Training Montgomery

Our training courses will take place in the privacy of your home. We will also take you and your companion to a local park to work on learning skills for both you and your dog. This will help especially if you are having issues with your dog pulling on the leash or doesn’t come when calling.

Call Rick Walkley today at (936) 449-1665 to set up your consultation.

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