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Helping Businesses Take Flight!
Helping Businesses Take Flight!

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Stories have the power to connect with people in a way that few other vehicles can.

Stories create understanding by helping us relate an idea to our existing experiences. And the best stories are memorable and easily shared.

That’s what makes storytelling such a powerful vehicle for businesses.

If you want to stand out in today’s noisy and cluttered marketplace, you must tell a compelling brand story.

But what does that mean? We unpack how to do that in today's post.

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Want a dramatically successful business? Marketing isn't enough.

Here's what it takes to build a brand worth talking about.

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Is social media for everyone? Can companies be successful today without using social media? That’s the question we discuss on today’s episode of The Marketing Huddle.

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Your company’s culture is about the environment you are creating among your people. It’s more about your mission and vision, and less about the size of your budget or your ability to offer nap pods.

So how do you create a strong company culture without spending a fortune? Here are five ways to improve your company’s culture on a budget.

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Studies show that brands with core values have higher customer satisfaction and better financial performance. Isn’t that something you want for your brand?

If so, you’ll love today’s blog post. In it, we talk about the key characteristics of strong values statements along with the process we used to determine the core values for Blue Kite.

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People gorge on snackable content, but are still left hungry. Shallow, quick-hit content might attract eyeballs, but it does not create connection.

People want more.

If you truly want to build a legion of loyal and dedicated fans, it pays to go deeper with your content in order to create more meaningful connections.

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Strong core values, when woven into the fabric of an organization, can be a powerful way to differentiate your brand. And yes, it can even impact you company’s marketing efforts.

On this episode, we talk about how to establish core values the right way so you can lay the groundwork for more powerful marketing messaging.

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Smart companies recognize that the easiest and most effective way to generate more revenue is by looking to your existing customers.

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How do you build an all-star marketing team?

It starts by understanding the strengths of your team and how to use them to your benefit. We believe that a strengths-based marketing approach can be the difference maker for your business.

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To be a successful marketer, you must get comfortable with analytics so you can make a decision based on data.

This show, featuring our friend Andy Crestodina, will teach you how to use Google Analytics more effectively.
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