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20% Discount until 30 October 2016.
Fabio's new perfumes are ready!
Try all the new fragrances ->

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A young rose, but fascinating, young but deep.
#artisan #perfumery #perfume #flparfums #fabioluisi

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Audacity and Courage, a perfume with strong notes of Jasmine, Rose, Patchouly and other scents suggesting seduction, mistery and sensuality.
#new #fragrance #perfumes #fabioluisi #flparfums

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Magie d’Oud
A mild and mysterious perfume, that brings us in the scented forests of the Oriental islands, of disappeared cultures and magic secrets. A legendary wood, the Oud, that perfectly blends with the Indian Sandalwood and Patchouli.
#newperfume #artisan #oud #fabioluisi #flparfums

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" The Natural Perfumers Guild is a great organization for education and contact among perfumers, producers, and suppliers of natural aromatic substances. Love and dedication for natural aromatics are important for its members. Natural essences in perfumery are like playing music with hand-crafted instruments..."

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it is finally possible to buy the new Samples offers.
Fabio introduces 5 new solutions in addition to a personalized version. Furthermore, you will find the new three perfumes Vetivel Soleil, J'Ose and Le Troisième Rose - soon available also in the 30 ml size.

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"Smells work a little bit like music because they bypass the intellect. They go directly to a part of the brain that is responsible for emotions. So, you smell something and one emotion or one remembering pops up. And with music, it is the same." #FabioLuisi   #perfumes   #artisan  

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Ahead of Luisi’s new production at the Metropolitan Opera, Wayne Lawson sits down with the famed Italian conductor to talk art, legacy, and yes, perfumes
#vanityfair   #perfumes   #FabioLuisi   

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New year's and Birthday's special sale.
A selection of perfumes of 15ml at 50$ + delivery for purchase from USA only.

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Thanks to Michael "Lanier" Smith
#newyork   #fragrance   #dondamour  
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