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When you consider the fact that it can be a bit awkward to have someone standing over you with a variety of tools in your mouth, it’s easier to understand where some of those fears may come from.

Here are some tips for helping you getting over your dental office fears, so you can be sure to make, and keep, your next scheduled appointment.

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You only get one set of teeth to last you your entire life. And unless you want to have a lot of dental work in the future, you need to make sure that you aren't doing things on a daily basis that are bad for your teeth. Here are some daily habits that you may or may not realize are disastrous for your teeth.

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Your mom is the person who loves you the most in the world, and we’re all reminiscing the great things our moms have done for us since we were little kids.

Let’s look back at the home remedies many of our mothers have taught us in protecting and taking care of our teeth.

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Avoid the dangers of teeth whitening and rely on your dentist for proper treatment. Don’t let a fixation on whiter teeth ruin the health of your smile.

Call (623) 551-8000 today to consult with a dentist about the safest, most efficient way to whiten your teeth.

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If you have a missing tooth or missing teeth, getting replacements is of the utmost importance. Implants offer you the ability to replace your missing tooth or teeth in the most natural way.

Call Dr. Flowers now at (623) 551-8000 with questions or to set-up a FREE Consultation!

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What Should I Do If My Crown Falls Off?

One minute you are enjoying a nice meal with friends, and the next you are pressing your hand to your cheek, knowing something is not quite right. Your tongue explores the familiar landscape of your mouth. Everything seems in order until you brush against your second molar. At least, it used to be your second molar, but now it feels completely foreign. You’ve just lost a crown! Now what are you supposed to do?

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Does brushing and flossing your teeth have an effect on your health and lifespan as a whole?

check this link out! 

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Which Comes First – Flossing or Brushing?

Just like the chicken and egg, patients want to know which they should do first — brush, then floss or floss, then brush. The answer is: It doesn’t matter, according to the American Dental Association. What matters is that you do both and do both thoroughly..

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Five Tips For Getting Over Your Fear Of Visiting The Dentist

It’s quite surprising to hear when people say that one of their biggest fears is visiting the dentist. This is especially true since most dentists do their best to make for a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. However, when you consider the fact that it can be a bit awkward to have someone standing over you with a variety of tools in your mouth, it’s easier to understand where some of those fears may come from.

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Remove Painful or Broken Teeth with Extractions

Teeth can sometimes become damaged or decayed to the point they need to be removed through extractions. This is a procedure in which the patient is given local anesthesia in order to numb the entire area around the tooth that is to be extracted. Anesthesia is given in the form of a shot as close to the base of the tooth as possible, as well as in other sections of the mouth. When the patient is completely numb, the tooth is extracted. In some cases, mild dental surgery is necessary to remove broken shards of the tooth from the gum or jaw. Extractions can be completed in one visit, but have to be scheduled ahead of time in order to prepare for the procedure.
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