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What flower making tools to choose?
What I need to start for creating silk flowers?
Here is 5 type of tools you need>>>

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Hello flower makers!
We have launched a new website on flower making and the art of creating hand-made flowers of fabric. There are no secrets or half-words. Everything about Somebana (Japanese floristics’ school) technique. And for the first time we have opened full step-by-step master class "Rose Nastia" absolutely free of charge.
Click this link -…/how-to-make-a-nastya-rose-…/ ----------------------------------------------------------
Уважаемые цветодельницы!
Мы запустили новый сайт, теперь больше полезной информации о цветочной флористике. Все открыто и доступно, без секретов. Сайт наполняется, поэтому оставайтесь на связи и следите за обновлениями. В данный момент полностью готов МК по созданию шелкового цветочка "Роза Настя". Полностью весь процесс с видео + выкройка.
Для просмотра жмите сюда -
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New pattern for "Rose Nastya" availible

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Tip_001. How to fixing nozzles
In this video you will see the way hot to fixing flower making nozzles into a soldering iron.

The soldering iron has two screws smaller and bigger one.
Don`t twist smaller screw it is for heating element and soldering tube clamp.
Use only bigger screw and don twist it out of groove. For good fixing you only need two turnovers.

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How to fixing nozzles

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How to fixing nozzles

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We are happy to announce!

We start to produce a new Flower Making Tools with cooperation of our Japanese friends!
Read our review

- Professional Japanese tools;
- Reliable soldering iron with temperature controller;
- Two types of soldering irons: 110 V for US outlets and 220 V for European outlets, no adapter needed;
- Practice shows that bolting of nozzles is the most reliable;
- The chamfer on the working head’s leg allows to fasten it securely in the soldering iron and prevents the nozzle from scrolling;
- There no movable parts and castors, which may eventually become loose;
- You need no effort to change nozzles;
- Decades-proven geometry of nozzles allows you to create all kinds of flowers;
- The parts are made of solid brass and stainless steel, there is no deposition;
- Unbreakable;
- Wooden tools stand;
- Sponges for fabric flower making;


Bonuses to all buyers:
- Save a ton of money in preference to buying expensive master classes priced between $50-100. We give them absolutely free! Our master classes are created by professionals, they are detailed and understandable for silk flower makers of all skill levels;
- Get lifetime access to our flower-making library;
- The library is constantly updated with new books, video tutorials and patterns;
- The library has a collection of 40 books, including 2 books in English;
- Maximally detailed videos of the whole process of flower-making;

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