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Inteligențe artificiale, capsule misterioase, enigme aproape imposibil de elucidat și un viitor înfricoșător - despre Omnium, romanul de debut al lui Florin Stanciu​ (Editura NEMIRA​, 2017, colecția Nautilus​ SF), pe FanSF:

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Juno: How Do Jupiter and Earth Compare?

Juno is poised to tell us about Jupiter's makeup, findings that could unlock mysteries of the solar system.

After traveling 1.7 billion miles, NASA's Juno spacecraft moved into orbit around Jupiter and its real work begins. The gas giant is so big that everything else in our solar system (except the sun, of course) could fit inside. Learning what Jupiter is made of and how it works will tell us more about the rest of the solar system and our own planet, Earth.

I share a useful infographic that gives us an ensemble good vision for comparing the features of Jupiter and Earth.

► Infographic source>>

► Watch an enlarged version of this infographic at this link (zoom in)>>

► For updates on the Juno mission, go to this link>>

#Solar_System, #JunoMission , #Jupiter , #Earth , #space , #NASA , #Infographic
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