Awesome... ok, got the new design now and I've to say, it's way better than the early versions I tested....
And don't fear the white space... there is stuff incoming and no it's not ads :P
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Are you testing this stuff as well? ;-)
there's nothing wrong with whitespace. Minimal is better than cluttered.
I just got the new one ... :-S
Can't see any improvment at all with it .... :-/
In fact it means more empty space on the screen and longer paths to reach what I use ...
First Impression:
Tell us what is going to be in the "white space" ;-)
Florian!! You can! Just send me a PM or so :D
"Can't" and "won't" are two different things, you know? :D
eF Ka
strangely on 3 different machines with Chrome the scrollbar disappeared and I can't even scroll using the mouse... Switched back to Opera, everything OK. Strange.
well, they should have started with some content in that blank space - half my screen is blank at the moment.
So basically the whitespace is for Hangouts, amirite.
Unless that "stuff" is something that I will be allowed to hide, I'm not interested. I really wish Google would stop throwing all content onto one page like a Geocities site from 1999.

Google got huge by having a clean design.

I don't need to see the chat wall all the time. I don't need to see what is trending all the time. Whatever this new content is that's going to be in the whitespace, I'm also not going to want to see that all the time.

I'm sure it's cool new content whatever it is, and I'll be happy to use it, but I don't want to see it all the time. Just let me hide it / remove it. Make it customizable.

I wish Google would stop forcing on me what they deem to be the optimal UX.
I don't think I'm the only one getting increasingly frustrated with Google's UX decisions.
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