I just watched the whole Wave Google I/O announcement video again. It's fascinating to see so much of Wave live on in so many products. Looking back, many of the elements shown feel "geeky" to me, when I look at collaboration in Gmail, Google Docs & here on Google+, it's amazing how natural things have become.

Wave as a product is going away tomorrow, but its ideas will live on.

What would email look like if it were invented now? What was your favorite part of Wave?
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I liked the real-time cooperative editing. I am glad that some of that remains...
I tried it, but somehow could not find a real use of it. It seemed to be more confusing than anything else.
Well, I used it for negotiating the exodus from my exile in Slovenia. It was.. awesome. Yet my typos were kinda embarrassing in real-time :D
+Michael Buttler That was part of it's fundamental flaw. Little use case, but there were some lengthy discussions of Stargate and gaming. That Google isn't afraid to fail, and learn from it, is one of the reasons they gel with me.
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