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Florian Rohrweck

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I want the bottom one for my car.
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Lol +Be Chego
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Thanks +Vic Gundotra for everything. And thank you for writing a hiring recommendation for me back in the days... That was pretty awesome from you and meant a lot to me. :)

I promise we'll take good care of your baby. :)
And I have no doubt that the future of Google+ with +Dave Besbris behind the steering wheel will be pretty rad too :] #squirrels
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Weeeee Buzz! \o/
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Florian Rohrweck

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The Westeros Times
Forecast for the upcoming episodes.
Yes, yes they are.

H/T +Matthew Gunning 

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Being of sound mind, I spent every cent I ever had! Nothing left to write about!!! ;-)
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Florian Rohrweck

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As many of you probably have seen in recent posts we started a fund a few days ago for +David Callaway  to help him out (original post found here: We were astonished at the overwhelming support. Some of you even donated items to help the cause. We are happy to say that we will be closing out the prizes for donations on Monday April 21st at 12 p.m. PST (3 p.m EST). There is still time to donate (at least $2.50) and possibly receive one of the generous items from other explorers!

The first prize is a drawing from +Kata Rina  (
Copy of Borderlands PRE-SQUEL  (code) signed by GEARBOX crew
The CEO Randy Pitchford also is a GLASS Explorer
A Golden Key code card
Early release of X-Box magazine
PAX east lanyard

Next up we have +Shazafar Khaja  (
He is offering a Glass Pouch and the Mono earbud to the person who donates the highest amount to our Glass Explorer in need and prevent him from selling his Glass unit.

Next we have another drawing from +Joseph Riddleback  (
 A pair of Stereo Ear Buds

Last but not least we have +Marky Jackson with another drawing ( 
Google Glass shades (unused and with pouch), extra Glass bag and nose pads-thingys (unused of course)

Thank you all so very much for donating the items, and to everyone who helped out with this. Without great people doing great things we would all just be a bunch of people with goofy looking Glasses. This one act has changed some many lives the the ripples will go on forever.  It seems as though +Google Glass should be advertised that it gives people super powers and that power would be LOVE.

Thanks again for all the support. We will announce the winners tomorrow afternoon.
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I don't know what to do with it, but I just ordered one for each hand :-I

well, although I built a Leap motion compatible UI for my projects too, soooo....
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:] good one +Amanda Blain
Google Plus Ghost Town? My Open Letter to The Misguided Reporters

Know what the common theme is between all these “ghost town posts”? No interviews. No named sources. Lots of reporters who never used it. A quick search usually shows that the reporter has not used Google+ themselves. Likely to not even to post the article they just wrote about the platform. In fact most have less than 20 people circled and more often than not... have never even posted. Awesome. Good Reporters generally go out and interview people who are involved with something before they write a story, if they themselves don’t have first had experience. This is fringe opinion piece media. Yet tons of these garbage articles keep getting posted on major tech publications presenting like its the facts.

I figured it was time I wrote a letter to these reporters. Please media… realize that I have tried to reach out and talk to many of you, do interviews, and help you get these points, but too many times you tell me “your company doesn’t care about writing about the positive sides of Google+” or that “other stories are more important than G+ success”. Yet whenever anything could possibly be seen as negative about G+, all of your websites light up with a million ghost town posts. It’s time the users of G+ spoke out…  I’ll start. Here are my thoughts for you.

Dear Reporters Who Can’t Be Bothered To Learn About Google+ Before Writing Your Ridiculous Articles About It;

I know this is going to be hard for some of you. You have been a good tech writer, involved in social media probably for awhile, and spent time building up your Facebook account and Twitter profile. When Google+ came along, many of your company Tech websites had already done things like integrate Facebook comments or sometimes heck, even invest in Facebook themselves! You certainly didn’t have time to get involved in another social network, and come on.. “Google has never got social”. Your mom isn’t there. Google+ is obviously a ghost town.  Right?


Read the whole thing here:

And please share this one Far and wide, on every social network you have. Yeah. I'm asking.

#MyGooglePlusStory #GooglePlus   #VicGundotra
It's that time again. Google Plus Ghost Town from the media and reporters. This round is brought to you because Vic Gundotra the guy behind the Google plus project, announced today that he would be leaving Google. Vic is a great guy and im sure ...
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Journalism is hard. Let's write click-bait instead.
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Remember that time when Vic went on a 2 week vacation and they had to turn off Google+ till he came back because he was running its server on a thumb drive attached to his Pixel?
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Word of The Day for 4/20/2014

火鼠 - (in Japanese) '''hinezumi''' 1. a fire-rat: an imaginary creature of ancient China resembling a white rat, thought to live in the volcanoes of the South China Sea and to have fireproof fur

#wordoftheday #throughglass
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"fire-rat" sounds like a word from some prison-corporate hybrid utopia. we'll see
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Florian Rohrweck

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I don't answer to private numbers. If you are so paranoid and don't want me to know who the fuck you are, send me a carrier pigeon with an anonymous message instead.

Usually it is some phone scam anyway, but it pisses me off every single time I get a call from a private number.
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One really awesome feature of Fritz!Boxes: missing-caller-id-blocking; next to general call screening / number blocking. One of the reasons why I still have a 7270 in my network even though I don't have DSL...
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om nom nom nom #throughglass
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Corn, chicken, onions, garlic, herbs de Provence, mozzarella, salami, minced meat, tomatoes and ham :]
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Secret Agent Man.
I am like rainman, just for compiled code.
  • Google Switzerland
    Release Engineer, 2012 - present
    Working on awesome stuff that is made from rainbows, ponies, unicorns and fairy dust. Protecting the future of mankind and guarding the treasure trove.
  • The Umbrella e.U.
    Self-employed programmer, basically an IT-Crack-Whore, present
  • Google Inc.
    2011 - 2012
  • RiS GmbH - Steyr
  • iDat Tech - Salzburg
  • Beko Automation GmbH - Salzburg
  • itsoft GmbH - Steyr
  • Viveum GmbH - Vienna
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Ebensee - Steyr - Braunau - Salzburg - Ljubljana
Gifted, weird, enthusiastic, awesome, busy, overworked, tired, crazy (a little)
  • Well. I'm awesome. It's true. 
  • I own an awesome company too.
  • Winning, kind of.
"A king has his reign and then he diesIt's inevitable."

"A man chooses, a slave obeys."

When I was your age, we rocket-jumped all the way to school uphill, both ways...

P-I :3
Bragging rights
Yeah and I know lot's of shit about Android. I know how to make a duck. Got a code-mention in the Google+ jscript :DDD and I was in a hangout with Felicia Day ;D
  • HTL Braunau
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The burgers are awesome :]
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Tasty, charming, good value and a great flair :)
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The men's department (opposite street side) is great. Nice, charming, English speaking salesgirls.. Tailor service and a nice range of vintage clothes and items for men. Not the cheapest shop, but... not bad and worth the service :)
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58 reviews
Good place to stay, charming rooms and lovely employees. Room service is rather cheap and tasty :)
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I went there without an appointment and got an incredible haircut for a great price. The hairdresser was very charming and we had a nice, entertaining chat during the haircut. One thing that especially stood out was the amazing head-massage I got during the hair-wash. Totally recommended and I'll def. go there again :)
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So far no Zombies here. Some mean old grandmas though. Wouldn't be my favorite hideout during the Zombie apocalypse.
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