I've seen different reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Note II "phablet", one of which suggested that it wasn't worth upgrading. I disagree with that one. It's worth it to me without the slightest doubt. I used the original Note for about a year and this week I switched to the Note II. Granted, if you expected a world of difference in functionality, you'd be inevitably disappointed. Having previously upgraded the Note I, I knew that the Note II wasn't going to provide a whole new generation of software. But the screen is worth it for two reasons: (1) It's only slightly larger, but this enabled Samsung to make huge improvements to on-screen keyboard. I now have a far lower error rate than on the Note I. Since I type a lot while on the road (mail, Twitter etc.), this would have been enough of a reason all by itself to upgrade. (2) The display quality is definitely superior. -- The "phablet" form factor is my preferred one and I hope there will be even more choice in that product category going forward (with HTC and others also moving in this direction), including from Samsung itself.
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