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Work on the ARM port of the Dart vm has started.
Look at column 5 and 6 of the buildbot.

+Nelson Silva also noticed one of the first commits:
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I have got some ARM hardware here ready to hack around with :)
I would love to build something with opengl and dart for android
I'm hoping to see Dart ported to the Dalvik VM so that Dart becomes a native language on Android. I'm aware that Dalvik would need a lot of work to support both languages, but it's not impossible. Wishful thinking?
No need to run Dart on top of Dalvik. Android allows native VMs.
Yeah I guess someone could reimplement the java APIs with Dart and the NDK.
During the legal problems with Oracle, I was sure Google was gonna announce a dart android SDK. Alas...
It looks like the VM is building on mips-arm-sim. Is there ARM hardware that can be used to test/run the VM? 
You should be able to run it on a rooted android phone.
+Brian DeLacey Afaik the VM is not yet complete enough for that. Once it's ready you should be able to run it on any Android phone (not just rooted ones).
Thanks... looking forward to testing it on Android phones (and tablets) when it's ready for this.
Yuri R
Looking forward to replacing Dalvik with DartVM on my phone
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