A small addition to the post about the experimental timeline feature I published yesterday. In case someone might want to see this in action instead of static images, to get a better idea of the current state.
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Definitely no material design right now. But the idea is great. It would help getting a look over historical events quickly.
+Thomas Schöller The design usually seems to be the last thing they do, so I wouldn't worry about that.
What makes me more curious atm. is the question, in which context the timeline is intended to show up in the finished feature as I assume, the majority of people wouldn't expect to see a timeline when they search for [Google] for example. I guess there will be a lot of changes until it's really finished.
+Florian Kiersch : I think that it could be triggered by specific words in the query or it will be an on-demand tool, for example clicking a link in the Knowledge Graph box.
I like to think many companies will eventually have a timeline. I suspect freebase will be a source of timeline info. A search on my employer 4INFO displays a knowledge base, and a carousel to click on. I would think the timeline would be shown in the Knowledge Graph like the carousel is. TY so much for posting that. Intriguing!
Thank You for posting it. I'm curious how dates are indexed. Any ideas?
+Maciej Heba Good question. I assume, Google actually isn't querying Wikipedia directly. I checked Freebase and it looks like all the results from the timeline are present there. So the timeline probably relies on data present there. That in turn means that Google can enhance the results with data from other providers as well, if they wish to.
I can not see well?
But it is possible to access information from the brands and authors like http://archive.org/web/ do for websites?

Is this the update that is scheduled for winter 2014?
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