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So, I previously said, there would be no further #Google #Stars  posts until I/O but I guess this one is worth to make an exception.

But one thing to note here before: it looks like the Google Stars frontend (the interface we users get to see) is still under heavy development, which means that current functionality is still limited (still dogfood) and might change.

The web interface for mobile does look more like a mockup than a working interface atm., which is why I didn't bother to add those screenshots here.

Additionally I don't have the Chrome extension for Stars which might enhance functionality further, so the current impression is incomplete at best.
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I really need this asap! my bookmarks are a mess
I have a feeling I'm not going to use this much because of the same problems all google apps have. They do not work across google accounts. We'll have to see how it is implemented but if it inherits Chrome's user account, I use a two "Chrome user" set-up so I can stay logged into personal accounts in one Chrome user and work accounts in another. That is why Pocket has been so great for me. We'll see though, maybe this sits outside of Chrome's user accounts or at least will let me stay logged into it with the same personal account even when I'm accessing my work gmail. 
+Brian Deyo I just share what I want between accounts., e.g. share work and personnel calendars between the two accounts.  I assume you already do this, but it isn't convenient enough, perhaps.
+Brian Deyo +François Beaufort provided some information about Project Mirror today which seems to unify multiple accounts under a single ID: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+FrancoisBeaufort/posts/8rfPvSkRfbY
Maybe this will resolve some of those usability problems once it lands in the stable version.

Regarding Bookmarks in Chrome. Those get currently reworked. If I followed some of the issues on the bug tracker correctly, then future versions of Chrome will provide developers with more freedom to modify the Bookmarks page and behavior.

You can get some insights from here in general:
and some specifics from here:
Oh, how I hope this is usable around the I/O timeframe. But it does seem like there's a fair amount of work to be done yet.
What will happen to "Google Bookmarks"?
So it will be nothing like Read It Later/Pocket service as anticipated.
Bookmark service with a social touch.
I would love this. I do need tagging though. Delicious is not owned by Yahoo any more. The Youtube guys bought it. I never got back into it after the c,o,m,e,b,a,,c,,,k
+Don Crowley First thing I did after it was freed from Yahoo, was to go back, but it is not like before anymore, currently using Google Bookmarks, which will probably go Google Reader way once Google remember that it actually already has their own (neglected) bookmark service
excusé moah! can I also be dogfed by this system? the source code looks delish
Don't see why people think this won't replace Delicious and Pocket, I can't wait to jump ship! =)
Too bad +Google will probably randomly kill this off as they did with Reader, Health, Notebook, etc.
+Chris Thomson Companies kill projects all the time. It's just the manner in which Google does so that's irksome. You never have any idea whether a new product will be supported in the long term or KOed during the next internal reorg.
+Chris Thomson Not even close. Apple & MS don't release stuff and then stop supporting it out of the blue. Or at least they do it much less frequently than Google does.
+Judah Richardson Because Google services are all cloud-based services which bind resources to run them whereas MS and Apple products are mostly standalone software.
You still can continue to use old MS products even though support ended because you can still run it without causing MS any additional costs by doing so.
+Florian Kiersch As I said in my previous link, it's not just cloud services. Google has abandoned hardware out of the blue too. Buying (into) any Google product is like playing Russian Roulette.
+Florian Kiersch,
1. Do the starred items affect other Google's recommendation services like Google Now, YouTube 'What to Watch' recommendations, Google Play recommendations, etc?
2. Do the starred items show up at top results when you do some relevant Google Search?
This new service will be useful only if the answers are yes, IMO.
+Lap Fung Lee This service is completely new and neither is it fully implemented yet, nor is its current functionality available to me.
So 1. I don't know and 2. Yes, at least if you search via the Chrome omnibar. For everything else we'll have to see.
I'm working on a similar project called Dashub. We are about to release our betatest this week.

I did a screencast about its main functionalities.

you are welcome to join the betatest ! (in few days, we busy fixing last issues)
+Olivier Laurent Feel free to remind me again once you provide TLS as a default and you have a fixed maintenance scheme.
Your Ubuntu installation is still vulnerable to Heartbleed.
I scanned through the comments but see no release date. some websites were saying it is expected at I/O 2014, any suggestions?
+Irakli Kalo From what I can see regarding the progress in the development of the web source code and from following the Chromium development, an official release would likely be possible at the I/O but it also depends on how long they intend to test this internally.

Just as reference: Google+ Stories was already in the source code about a year ago.
Bigtop (the Gmail remake) is in development for at least 2 years now.
Google Mine is being developed for probably about 2 years as well.

So even if it would be functional at the time of I/O, it doesn't necessarily mean that Google already intends to launch it.
+Florian Kiersch thanks for such a thorough response. Appreciated it a lot. It seems to be an anticipated product, I was expecting it for years
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