And well... Google Collections once again. Or better to say #Google   #Stars  as Google seems to have finally decided to go with that name instead.

I promise, this will be the last update before its announcement at Google IO. ;)

Just checked the source code of the  #Google   #Collections  modules in web search again and it looks like there was an update that relates to the promo images I found before. Here are the string snippets I found:

"Use the star in the address bar to save anything across the web"
"Thank you for dogfooding Google Stars!"
"We are working hard to make Google Stars a product you love."
"Search", "Search the entire page content with suggestions and auto complete."
"Filters", "Discover new dimensions in your content through the automatically created filters"
"Not just a link", "Search the entire page content with suggestions and auto complete."
"Safe", "Browse and find your stars in a beautiful image rich grid. Add notes and make it yours."
"Drag and Drop", '"Area select" and "drag and drop" are just a few of the things we\u2019ve built into Stars to make your life easier.'
"Share", "All stars are private, but if you wish to share, just make a folder public and copy the link!"
"Set to private", ". People with this link will no longer see this folder."
"This folder is currently set to private. To share this folder, set it to public and you'll be able to share a link."
"Find starred items quickly.<br><br>Smart lists make it easy for you to re-find your stars by automatically grouping similar items by type - images, articles, videos, and more."
"Edit and organize.<br><br>Select, and edit items to organize your starred content by clicking on them or dragging and dropping."
"Create beautiful groups.<br><br>Organize your starred items into groups, by typing a name for a new group here."
"Search starred items"
"Alright, you are going to have to unload and reload the chrome extension and/or nag the heck out of the eng team.... Sorry :-/"
"Star images for easy access later.<br><br>You can star images you like by hovering over them and clicking the new <b>Star</b> icon.<br><br>To see everything you have starred, click the <b>View Starred Items</b> button to the right."
"You can also star images by clicking the <b>Star</b> button here."
"Great, you starred your first item! To see everything you star, click <b>View starred items</b>."
"Google Stars"
"Add to folder"
"Added to "
"Remove from folder"
"Add a url..."
"Add a note..."
"Add a title..."
"This is a public folder. Deleting it will prevent others from being able to see it." : "Would you also like to delete the items in this folder?"
"Send Feedback"
"There are no stars here yet!", "Try starring some items on the web and adding them to this folder!"
"There are no folders here yet!", "Did you know you can share your favorite stars by making a folder public? Get the public URL and share it!"
"No stars matching your search", "Your search returned no results. Try removing the type restriction!"
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+Enrico Altavilla Those stars are actually present in nearly all the Google products, like in Gmail, Drive, Groups and yes, they are used in bookmarks as well.

There's also an indication in the strings I added above:
"Use the star in the address bar to save anything across the web" which is referencing the star from the omni/adress bar from Chrome, which in turn is used for bookmarks.

I'm not sure at the moment, whether Stars will replace or enhance the current bookmarks but you can be sure both will get tightly integrated.
+Florian Kiersch : yes, there are stars used in many Google products. Their meaning and function is a bit different, though; for example a click on a Drive star is just a way to quickly bookmark a resource without classifying it in any way, while Google Bookmarks provides also a way to attribute labels to each starred resource. I wonder if they are trying to consolidate all these different star functions under a single concept and service.
My hope is that this involves bringing some much needed social features to Maps. For years I've wanted to be able to share collections of starred places with friends and relatives. Would be super convenient when asked for tips and suggestions about a particular place one is traveling to.
Hi Florian, reporter for The Verge here. Email me at Thanks!
So, what I'm getting from this is that Google Stars is a service similar to Pocket then?
I guess that comes near the matter but actually I'd say it's more like Google following its idea to integrate all of the services very tightly.

The stars are present for a very long time in a lot of services and Google simply gives us a way to manage them now. I don't think they necessarily aim to be competing with Pocket.
+Florian Kiersch Fair enough, and it'll probably improve with my organizational use when it comes to things like Bookmarking.
I hope my Google Bookmarks can be migrated to Stars.
+Florian Kiersch don't expect much, Google will cancel that soon or later, we cannot trust Google in this way, sadly :(
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