Looks like Google is testing a potential new knowledge graph feature for websearch. Appears to be early testing, so there is no promise that it will land on the live servers and it's likely that in case it will go live, it won't be within the next three months.

Basically, it's an interactive event timeline based on data from wikipedia.

This was also published in German:
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I can't say for sure but this test must have become available within the last few weeks. For everything else, you'd have to ask Google. I don't have any reliable information on this.
I assume this is going to be licensed under CC-BY-SA?
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At least as far as I am concerned. I don't know if Google could claim any rights as their product and logo is present but I haven't heared of any problems in this regard.
I see two issues with this 1) why would Google push people so quickly out of the Google ecosystem to a site that has no Google ads on it? 2) why would they publish to a reference that has so many issues with the quality of the data? Wikipedia is in decline, many page are filled with vandalism and inaccurate information, and are not updated frequently. At Newslines we are creating crowdsourced original multimedia news-based timelines about events and people that solve most of Wikipedia's problems, especially related to news events and biographies. Check us out http://newslines.org
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