I wanted to point out this article, since it is supposed to be alternative news. News the ¨normal¨ media is not showing. My problem with this, is that no matter what kind of news you read, they all have a focus on the states.

E.g. They decide what is going to be in “the news” and what the American people are going to be talking about.
They choose to totally ignore the Bilderberg Group and so most Americans will not even hear about it this year.

Since the article is supposed to be about something that would influence everyone on earth, still the focus is on the #US . #america , America, America... It´s about time IMHO the Americans would start thinking more globally. Internet is Global, and traveling around the world is getting easier by the day. We should not be acting like this kind of individualists.

Don´t get me wrong, I have absolutely 0 problems with Americans in general. It are the individuals I am refering to.

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