### FabLab Opening near Refugee Camp in Greece ###

Within the next days we are opening #HabibiWorks (https://soupandsocks.eu/habibi-works-coming-soon/) in #Katsikas (Northern Greece).

With a size of 725 m^2 it will be one of the biggest European #FabLabs, currently featuring seven 3D printers, a laser cutter, wood-, metal-, textile- and silk screen printing workshops.

What's special about it? It's only 200 meters away from a refugee camp. So this is not only about making, but also building perspectives and connecting the local community with people in need from various countries.

Get a sneak peak of the lab here: http://bit.ly/HWsneakpeak

Let me know if you want to join the effort or if you have any questions :-) Consider donating, if you want to share your gadget budget for a great cause: https://soupandsocks.eu/donate/
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