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"Motogotchi" #moto360 
A cute little personalized buddy that lives in your watch.

He reacts to the weather,
He runs with you when you workout,
He dances when you listen to your music,
He eats a burger when it's lunch time.
And maybe be could meet a buddy when you get close to another Moto360 owner.

Just swipe or tap to change the display mode and let him run the show. (time, weather, pedometer...)
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It doesn't tell time… that's the main point! 
+John Bauer It does, I just didn't' design this screen. If you swipe, you can see the time at the same placement you see the Degrees for Weather. And depending on the time of the day, the little monster will have different behaviors (sleeping at night, having lunch between 12 and 1...)
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