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We have fallen in love with these LiPo to USB chargers. Turn any LiPo into a USB battery backup in a pinch.

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Buying it. Thanks for the heads up. 
Why don't you see if you can get them for the Flitetest store? 
It is nice that it has the voltage readout; however, it does not say anything about a protection circuit to prevent over draining the battery. Maybe if they had combined a voltage alarm it would have been a safer device.

I suggest not leaving this one unattended. :)
The amazon one I don't know. The Hobbyking various devices, almost all they have a protection for 3S batteries. Since it probably cuts somewhere between 9 and 10V, it should be high enough to also protect a 4S.
I have one from eBay... works good - about 2a charge rate. Only issue is that it can drain a lipo with no notification of low-voltage. 2s to 6s .. worth the $6.36, I paid for it.
The no low voltage protection just means you have to keep an eye on it. I'm picking up three of them off eBay so I can use straight off a car battery with a pigtail.
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