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Understanding Personality Changes after Stroke

There are 3 main causes of personality changes after stroke, and we explain them all in this article!

#stroke #recovery #personality #happiness #rehabilitation
Personality changes after stroke can be difficult to pinpoint because there are so many factors at play. To understand the various ways that stroke can affect personality, we are going to look at the following areas: The 3 areas of personality change The parts of the brain that can create personality changes The attitude and...
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How Long Does It Take to Drive Again After Stroke?

Learn how to get back on the road again.

#stroke #driving #rehabilitation 
“How long until I can drive again?” We hear this question A LOT in our stroke support group. And it’s understandable. With so many new variables accompanying stroke recovery, the uncertainty of whether or not you will be able to drive again can be frustrating and scary. Here’s what you need to know: Typical Timeline...
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Core Exercises for Stroke Patients

Follow along with Cassie, DPT, as she guides us through 5 core exercises for stroke recovery. They range from easy to hard, so there's something for everyone!

#stroke #rehab #recovery #core #exercise 
Core exercises for stroke patients are essential for reducing your risk of falling, maintaining good balance, and stabilizing your body. The following rehab exercises are arranged from easiest to hardest, and they all came from FlintFit, our rehab video exercise program. 5. Trunk Rotation (Twists) From a seated position, place your right hand on the outside...
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Stop Procrastinating on Rehab! Use These 3 Tips

Surprisingly, procrastination has very little to do with lack of time and everything to do with your mindset, expectations, and need for perfection.

Now, how can we overcome these obstacles?

#motivation #rehabilitation #strokerecovery
Let’s be honest – rehab can be one of the easiest things to put off. We procrastinate for many reasons – the biggest one being fear of failure. Procrastination helps us avoid failure because we don’t even get started, which is rewarding at first. But the feeling is only temporary. We cannot achieve our best...
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How to Treat Tight Painful Hands after Stroke

Don't let hand tightness and pain get in the way of your recovery. Learn how to treat the pain and recover hand movement in today's essential article!

#handtherapy #stroke #rehab #brain #rehabilitation 
Hand spasticity and pain after stroke can be treated through a variety of methods. Some are common, others aren’t as well-known. So if you’re looking for a complete guide to hand treatments for stroke recovery, you’ve come to the right place. Understanding the 2 Types of Post Stroke Pain There are two types of post...
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7 Ways to Treat Stroke Recovery Like a Fresh Start

“What a wonderful gift this stroke has been in permitting me to pick and choose who and how I want to be in the world.

Before the stroke, I believed I was a product of this brain and that I had minimal say about how I felt or what I thought. Since the hemorrhage, my eyes have been opened to how much choice I actually have about what goes on between my ears.”

-Jill Bolte Taylor (stroke survivor)

#stroke #rehabilitation #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #inspiration
When your brain is affected by stroke, it creates the opportunity for a fresh start. It’s not the way anyone would prefer their fresh start, but as stroke survivor Jill Bolte Taylor put it in her book My Stroke of Insight: “What a wonderful gift this stroke has been in permitting me to pick and...
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Our Best Exercises for Stroke Recovery

Try these full body stroke exercises with pictures!
Each exercise is guided by a licensed therapist.

#stroke #rehabilitation #exercise
Learn about the 2 key elements of a successful recovery, and then follow along with our best rehab exercises with pictures featuring licensed therapists
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The Best Way to Get Motivated during Stroke Recovery

The best way to recover from stroke is to do what you LOVE! Wouldn't you agree?

#stroke #recovery #motivation #love 
There are many ways to boost motivation during stroke recovery, but the most effective tactic by far is using what you enjoy to recover. Don’t wait until you recover to enjoy the activities you love. Use those activities to help you recover! So, what activities did you most enjoy before stroke? Identify them, and then...
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Shoulder Rehab Exercises with Pictures!

We just updated our shoulder rehab exercise article with pictures featuring our OTA Barbara. If you're in need of some new moves to add to your regimen, check it out!

#shoulder #rehabexercise #stroke #rehabilitation #flintfit #fun
Learn how to treat shoulder pain after stroke and improve shoulder mobility with 5 simple rehab exercises guided by our OTA Barbara - with pictures!!
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7 Steps to Create Your Best Rehab Regimen

Are you doing all 7 of these things to make sure that you're getting the best results from your stroke rehab regimen?

#stroke #rehabilitation #brain 
There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ stroke recovery regimen because every stroke is different. However, there are certain elements that every stroke recovery regimen can benefit from, no matter what stage of recovery you’re in. Here are 7 great places to start. 1. Repetition to Heal the Brain Repetition is the king of...
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How Repetition Can Heal Your Brain Faster during Stroke Recovery

Repetition is brain food during stroke recovery.
Don't skip this essential step!

#stroke #rehabilitation #brain #neuroscience #neuroplasticity
You’ve heard us preach about the importance of neuroplasticity for stroke recovery before. It’s the #1 thing all stroke survivors should know about. Neuroplasticity is the healing you need, and repetition is the tool for accessing that healing and speeding your recovery along. In order to explain why repetition matters so much, we will give a...
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5 Ways to Reap the Most Benefit from Stroke Rehab Exercises

Sometimes we get so involved in what we're doing that we forget the basics.
Don't let that be you!

In today's article we cover the 5 cornerstones of a successful rehab regimen.
Follow them, and you're golden.

#stroke #rehab #rehabilitation #exercise 
If you’re doing rehab exercises without seeing results, then you may not have your bases covered. But don’t worry – we’ll cover them all right now. In this article, you will find the 5 most basic – and most important – factors that can make a good recovery great. If you can get all 5 of these factors in place,...
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Kari Dahlgren's profile photo
Kari Dahlgren
a year ago
One of my friends got the MusicGlove to help them regain hand movement after stroke. It's so cool! I even played it myself a few times. What a fun way to do rehab.