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7 Habits of Highly Effective Future Flight Crew
Add a comment... 7 Warning Signs You're Suffering From Small Landing Zone Syndrome. Never heard of it, right? You might even think I’m pulling your leg. Honestly, I wish I was. I wish this entire post was just a tasteless joke written for my own amusement. But it’s not. The truth is Small Landing Zone Syndrome is real, although I’m just now coining the term. I’ve watched it spread for years, slowly but surely infecting thousands of EMS Flight Safety Network air and ground crews.
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5 Ways EMS & Air Medical Go from Good to Great -Teamwork, Communication, Common Sense, Leadership & Just Culture. There's a difference between doing great things and being great at what you do.
Add a comment... How To Jumpstart Your EMS Flight Crew Career — The Indiana Jones Way. Do you remember the scene in Raiders of The Lost Ark when Indiana Jones fights the Arab swordsman? It’s epic . . .Indiana Jones, having just survived an elaborate chase through the marketplace, is confronted by an Arab swordsman whipping through a flashy routine with a scimitar. Clearly, the Arab knows his stuff . . .
Indiana Jones initially squares off with his trademark weapon of choice — a whip.
Add a comment... A Quick Fix for Toxic EMS Bases —The Duct Tape and WD40 Solution— My inbox imploded . . .FlightSafetyNet blog got pummeled with emails.
And that's actually saying something since its one of the most highly read and popular blogs in EMS. But it wasn't all good news. . .
Add a comment... 10 Survival Tips for EMS and Air Medical Crew Who Want A Life Outside of Work - Feel like all you do is work? Want a life outside of EMS, treating patients and flying? When is the last time you were "in the moment" with your own family? Here a 10 Survival Tips for EMS and Air Medical Crew Who need to find an optimal work-life balance . . .
Add a comment... Would You Fly for.... YOU? Over the past five years, I’ve held coaching sessions with hundreds of nurses, paramedics and pilots who want to fly air medical. In all but a handful of these coaching sessions…People bring up their bosses — and vent about them. #EMS #EMSFSN
Add a comment... The Biggest EMS & Air Medical Leadership Mistake—And How To Avoid It! When you first learn to fly one of the very first things you’re taught (if you’re lucky) is a simple, but profound checklist. Aviate, Navigate, Communicate. The checklist is critical for two reasons: First, it teaches you what to do. And second, it teaches you when (the correct order) to do it. #EMS #EMSFSN
Add a comment... 3 Habits of Highly Effective EMS — How To Train Yourself To Lead. One of the challenges in EMS and air medical is the consistent promotion of people who have no desire (or skill set) to lead. It's a real problem. 3 Habits of Highly Effective EMS — How To Train Yourself To Lead looks at this issue. Does leadership at your EMS base go something like this? A new boss takes over. The new focus is efficiency.
Add a comment... 14 Things To Be Grateful For — Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. First, because I get to eat great food and fall asleep watching football in a tryptophan induced coma. And second, because it reminds me to stop grumbling and remember all the amazing things in my life. EMS Flight Safety Network is full of things to be grateful for. Here is the EMS Flight Safety Network list of 14 things we humbly ask you consider adding to your own “gratitude list” this year . . .
Add a comment... 10 Signs Your EMS Base Is Toxic. Be warned —This article is raw. Hard to read. Hard to write. Hard to admit. Why? Because EMS looking out for each other is a no-brainer. Or at least something we all want as a no-brainer.
Add a comment... 17 Must See Facebook Pages for Future Flight Crew - Social Media is leveling the playing field for the ‘Average Joe.’ This is a very good thing. Everyone gets a shot. Everyone gets heard. If you have a point of view on anything, you can share it on social media. Within minutes, hundreds, or even thousands of people will hear your idea. The challenge is finding the right information at the right time.
I was skeptical when I first found Flight Safety Network. I really did not want to spend money on stuff I figured I already knew. And with 21 years' experience as a medic, I didn't think there was too much I hadn't already seen. After completing the Flight Safety Network audio course and coaching with Troy, all I can say is - Wow! I am so glad I bought the training. It was worth every penny and then some! The flight interview tips and fast-actio...
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We Get You Ready to Live the Dream

Flight Safety Network is the people who keep air ambulance flights safe.

For a second, imagine the worst. A moment of inattention causes your car to veer off the road and lose control. One second everything is fine, the next moment your entire world is upside down in a ditch. Everything that matters is at stake - your wife, your children, your life.

The good news is there's a whole network of people standing by to help you and your family. Flight Safety Network is the people who keep air medical safe. From the bystander who calls 911, to the dispatcher who takes your call, to the EMT who arrives at your accident, to the Fire Department who sets up the landing zone for the inbound helicopter and flight crew.

Flight Safety Network is with you and your family every step of the way. And that is what makes Flight Safety Network special. People make it special. People are what matters. From the volunteers to the trauma doctors - special people making a difference in the lives of others.

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