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Flight Analyzer
Compare disc golf flight routes quickly and easily
Compare disc golf flight routes quickly and easily

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The app has been updated, and should be available shortly on the Google Play store.  It has all the newly added discs and new functionality that saves the selected discs.

DISCS ADDED!!! Looks like the manufacturers are excited about making distance drivers right now. Vibram: Four20, MVP: Tesla, Lat 64: Dagger and Scythe, Dynamic Discs: Enforcer, Innova: Daedalus, DiscMania: FD2, Legacy: Outlaw, DGA: Torrent.

Here they are all next to each other:

The Android app has been updated with all the new disc additions and disc adding functionality.  Find the Flight Analyzer in the Google Play Store to download the update.

Good job getting over 1200 likes on Facebook.  The Proto D2 has been awarded to one lucky Flight Analyzer user.

DISCS ADDED!! From Lat 64's easy to use line, the Jade. And from Westside discs the Harp and Hatchet.

DISCS ADDED!!! MVP Resistor, Prodiscus Laseri, and Discraft Mantis.

DISCS ADDED!!  The Rask by new Swedish manufacturer Kastaplast

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New feature: Add as many discs as you want to the Flight Analyzer, so you can see your whole bag.

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DISCS ADDED!!!  The Gauge midrange by Legacy Discs, and the first two discs in the lineup from new manufacturer, Salient Discs, the Prometheus and the Antidote.
The site is updated, and the new discs will be on the app shortly.

Thanks for all the feedback we have been getting all around about the Flight Analyzer app.  We will be adding discs and updating the app per user suggestions.
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