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The official Skyfall teaser poster was just released. Also, the first trailer for Skyfall will debut on on Monday, May 21st, at 8.30AM Eastern. Are you excited to see the latest Bond?
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These new Bond titles are terrible. I understand that once we got to "Die Another Day", "Tomorrow Never Dies" etc, a change was needed. I also was told that these are the names of actual Bond novels (right?). But nothing deflates my desire to see a thrilling spy picture like a boring title. "Quantum of Solace"? I still haven't seen it.

It doesn't have to be "Die Again Tomorrow", or "James Bond and the Magnificent Death Laser". But "Casino Royale" was enticing, and "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" was a very fitting title (and a great movie btw). When did Bond become such a blandly marketed franchise? "Realism and grit" doesn't mean "no fun".
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