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#SelfStorage in #Manchester has never been so easy or modern - ask FLEXiSPACE how by calling Tricia on 01612744777 

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Small #SelfStorage  Rooms are a great place to store Presents, or maybe a large one depending on gift size? #Santa Stores at FLEXiSPACE 

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Festive Opening Hours for FLEXiSPACE #SelfStorage  in #Manchester  

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Northern Quarter Manchester Online Retailer & Shop Owner

1. Tell us about your business
Online and Retailer of clothing based in Manchester's Northern Quarter, some branded and some of my own label

2. What first inspired you to operate your own business?
A belief that I was unemployable! I had a vision of what I wanted to do in life, meeting people, status and flexibility. There wasn't a realistic chance of me becoming the person I wanted to be unless I took control of my own destiny.

3. What do you enjoy most about the business sector you are involved in?
I like the buying aspect, predicting demand and buying ahead of trends. There is a small Las Vegas type gambling buzz, yet ever more satisfaction when customers buy into my vision.

4. How long have you operated your business from FLEXiSPACE?
Approaching one year

5. What type of Space do you operate from at FLEXiSPACE
I take all new deliveries into FLEXiSPACE, manage most of the online business from there and keep surplus stocks and some promotional items (mannequins and the like)

6. How has this helped your business?
It allows me to maximise the retail space of my shop and keep the two aspects of my business apart, primarily as deliveries and the comings and goings of the online business don???t distract

7. How did you manage previously?

8. What are the best features of FLEXiSPACE for you?
Ease of use, flexibility and the ability to align to demand

9. Is there anything about FLEXiSPACE that you would like to change?
I would like it to have a gym!!

10. What are your plans for your businesses future?
I really want to grow the online aspect now as there is potential for my own brand to flourish

11. What piece of business advice would you give to anyone reading?
Just do it, or has someone already said that?

When sharing blog details on clients FLEXiSPACE insists on anonymity of the client, all part of our safe, secure focus and managing customers best interests 

Buses, Boats & Batman

Many would think that the world of self-storage revolves around people moving house needing a temporary stop over for their furniture while decorating or renovating their new home.

But that is far removed from the reality of what happens here at FLEXiSPACE in Manchester on a daily basis. We do get our fair share of domestic customers looking for a small unit to seasonally store their garden furniture or Christmas decorations but we also get twice as many phone calls that are out of the ordinary and wanting an unusual solution to an unusual situation.

A catering business based at the other end of the country spied a double decker bus up for auction here in Manchester. The spark of an idea formed about converting the bus into a mobile eatery, visiting festivals and events to offer an exciting alternative to the burger van and a place to sit and relax from the hubbub. Their problem was where do you park a double decker bus safely, work on it at hours to suit AND be close enough to the motorway network to make it all worthwhile?

A phone call, a visit, a handshake later and the dotted line was signed and a new business venture started.


Taking up a new hobby can be costly. When that hobby involves a 26 foot long boat in need of repair then you enter a new level of expense. That's where FLEXiSPACE came in for East Manchester based Derek. Though slightly land-locked, a dream of the briny drives him on and he has found safe mooring to make everything ship-shape so he can captain his own ship.

By ensuring his boat, The Lady Rosa, is under constant CCTV coverage, Derek can sleep well in his hammock as he dreams of the rolling waves in his future.


Not exactly Bruce Wayne's Manor but we can claim to be the home of Batman. Ok, that's a slight exaggeration but we do provide storage for community groups and environmental agencies. Some of the items stored are for a group who are monitoring the local bat population. This involves some hi-tech equipment and the security provided at FLEXiSPACE is ideal. The optional extended access mean that outside of our standard opening hours authorised members of the group can turn up to collect their gear, attach it to their utility belts and head out into the Dark (K)night!

So, as you can see, its not all sofas and wardrobes, storage can be as FLEXiBLE as you want it to be!

FLEXiSPACE and Aldwinians RUFC Sponsorship

In 2014 FLEXiSPACE Self Storage & Workspace embarked on a sponsorship agreement with Aldwinians RUFC. The success of this agreement has been extended for 2015/16 season in which FLEXiSPACE logo will appear on the first team shirts (see picture)

Not only is Aldwinians one of the regions most successful teams on the field, they also have an impressive infrastucture. The club takes responsibility for providing a wider range of support for the local community and has deeper roots into the lives and positives experiences of its members. Aldwinians provides an outlet for a wild number of children, young people and adults and takes its responsibilities to the community very seriously. This ethos appeals greatly to FLEXiSPACE and its community centric focus, providing a mutually rewarding partnership that both are enjoying building.

FLEXiSPACE wishes Aldwinians the very best for the coming season in all its pursuits. 2015 will be an exciting year for Rugby, not least the World Cup and its appearance in Manchester. 

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Do you need an #Office or #Workspace in #Manchester - plenty to consider 

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Buses Boats & Batman

#Storage   #Vehicles   #YardSpace   #Parking  
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