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It's that time of year for resolutions / goals / plans, or whatever.  I'm going to go ahead and put these 2013 goals out there for all to see, so maybe I'll feel obligated to actually do them.

I want to do three marathons - Kenosha, WI, on May 4, Fox Valley (St. Charles, IL) on September 22, and Naperville, IL, on November 10. This will be my first year with more than one, so it should get interesting.  Timewise, I'll be happy with one sub 3:30, but I would really like to get that in Kenosha, so I can spend the Summer trying to build on it.

Beyond that, I'll do some shorter races, though, while I would love to PR all of them,  I just don't care all that much. Last year, I PRed every distance I ran except the marathon. That did not make me happy.

I have flirted with 2000 miles in the past. I think I'm going to need to actually do that this year. Some folks are doing 2013 miles in 2013. That sounds about right to me.

So that is my year, at least I hope.

Now, a question. I have been keeping logs just in Evernote. I thought I would move up to, starting tomorrow. Is that site good, or is there another one that is better? I'm not looking for much. I don't run with GPS, and about a third of my miles are on an indoor track, so I will be manually entering my workouts. I just need something that will calculate my monthly / yearly mileage and stuff. 
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