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We are so excited for this release. Fleksy 2.2.2 corrects missed letters! The new update is rolling out over Google Play.

Fleksy 2.2.2 Changelog

Fleksy will now correct missed letters!

★ Auto-correction engine has been improved in ALL aspects:
- Better at single words
- Better space error corrections, accounts for tapping above or below the spacebar
ex. Both "Thisis" and "thisvis" will be corrected to "This is"
- Missing letters!
ex. "I wish my compter had Fleky keybord" will now be properly corrected!

★ 2 more trial days for our testers to check out the improvements

Please update and let us know how the new and improved engine feels to you. Make sure to enable Correct space errors under Advanced for the full effect! 

We are looking forward to your feedback! 
Thank you for your support in getting us here!

- Team Fleksy
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would love to return to Fleksy but I'm still getting lag on the moto x with spacing and swiping making it a pain to use =( hope to see some more stability improvements in the near future!
Is it possible to get per app theme support? 
Ok I'm trying it right now but it seems that its not working... I don't see any difference 
+Ioannis Verdelis yeah I did turned it on. But it's not picking up missing letters as well as it should. I mean, I'm trying to commit minor errors by purpose to see if it will correct but it does not. The accuracy is not so good.

For example when I write "accursnvy" using SwiftKey it will give me the right word wich is accuracy. Fleksy, instead will give me "accord by" as a suggestion. 
+Fleksy any chance you might add a predictive engine like SwiftKey? ie, to know what I will write next from my previous messages 
Below the spacebar, that makes it the navbar isn't it? Lol
Anyway, I'm excited for this :)
Keep it up! This will be a real time saver for me
+Marc Martinez which theme do you use?
I notice more lag if I use Ancient Fleksy theme (rainbow pop up), but not if use standard theme like white, black, blue even gold. 
+Marc Martinez The trial version performed well on my Moto X. Just bought the full version and it does seem to have a tad bit of lag. But I really noticed a difference when I had Correct Space Errors turned on. Turned it off and it was nearly back to how I was used to it before.

Is that setting on or off for you?
+Rob Blaich Glad I'm not the only one. That setting is turned on for me, but by turning it off are we not deactivating a major improvement in recent beta updates for the sake of minimizing lag? I have not yet tried it with the setting turned off.
+Marc Martinez Actually I'm a bit of a newcommer here and didn't have that on during the trial version. I can't comment on it being a big difference or not. 
I'm not experiencing any lag with it turned on, using nexus 5
+Rob Blaich tested it out with correct space errors off and still had the lag this morning. Last night with it both on and off I wasn't getting any lag for some reason - seems to be temperamental with it happening more often than not.
I have some problems when I write with one hand... Very often when I'm writing with left hand and I switch from a left letter to other side (ex from A to G, H, V, T, Y) or vice versa fleksy put a space...
It's very boring... Much more missing letter or missing space... 
I'm hopeful... Looking forward to future improvements regarding words correction.
Love how dynamic Fleksy feels under my thumbs.
Typing is more interesting with Fleksy. 
Why hasn't this update hit the pro version yet?
When I type 'suposed' it auto corrects to 'sup used' instead of supposed. Or if I say 'tomrrow' it auto corrects to 'timer or' or 'to media' or 'tone row' or 'timer is' yet never 'tomorrow.' It works in a lot of other cases but these are just a few examples where it doesn't. 
I second +Matt Hoendorf ... Something needs to be done with how fleksy understands words and sentences..... I wish I can rely completely on it in the future... But for now, I can't. 
Yeah I agree with +Matt Hoendorf and +Sam Abdel Hamid. I was just typing the sentence "Cody is gonna be done with..." and it corrected the word "done" to "a one" which makes no sense, especially given that I spelled "done" correctly. It's not like it took too long to correct, but yeah, Fleksy's becoming more unreliable as more features get added.
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