We are so excited for this release. Fleksy 2.2.2 corrects missed letters! The new update is rolling out over Google Play.

Fleksy 2.2.2 Changelog

Fleksy will now correct missed letters!

★ Auto-correction engine has been improved in ALL aspects:
- Better at single words
- Better space error corrections, accounts for tapping above or below the spacebar
ex. Both "Thisis" and "thisvis" will be corrected to "This is"
- Missing letters!
ex. "I wish my compter had Fleky keybord" will now be properly corrected!

★ 2 more trial days for our testers to check out the improvements

Please update and let us know how the new and improved engine feels to you. Make sure to enable Correct space errors under Advanced for the full effect! 

We are looking forward to your feedback! 
Thank you for your support in getting us here!

- Team Fleksy
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