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Flei der Maus (Fledermaus)
Self-styled epicurist, vampire connoisseur, funeral party-goer.
Self-styled epicurist, vampire connoisseur, funeral party-goer.

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Advocacy: Let's Talk About Our Thyroid
My mom was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism; she's currently taking medication for it and is managing well. I didn’t really know much about thyroid diseases before my mom brought it up so when I was invited to "Unmasking Your Thyroid," a bloggers' fo...

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Baguio, off the beaten path
Only six hours away from the urban maze of Manila yet Baguio feels like a different country with its own climate and geography. The so-called summer capital of the Philippines is sprawled atop a mountain, a city perpetually cloaked in fog and mist. Its pine...

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Fleshcrawl Bar Tour | A Photo Diary
I'm most alive and free when I'm at the center of it chaos and poetry †  Some photos I took at a metal gig headlined by Fleshcrawl last January.

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Bohol Eats | Enjoy Traditional Boholano Favorites at Jojie's Pa-Initang Bol-Anon
One of the best ways to learn about a place is to eat its local food. If you want to experience the gastronomic culture of Bohol, Jojie’s Pa-Initang Bol-Anon (also called Pa-Initan by locals) is the place to go! This shop is popular among Boholanos and tour...

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Bohol Eats | Eat with Gusto at Gustus Resto, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
If I were to recommend a place for a casual pig out or night out with friends in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Gustus would definitely make it at the top of my list of suggestions! This restaurant which opened in July 2015 offers both traditional Filipino cuisine...

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Bohol Eats | Enjoy the Best Pork Texas Ribs in Tagbilaran City at Sun Cafe
Sun Café is a cozy and vibrant restaurant in Gallares Street, Tagbilaran City. It was one of the stops we had at the Seas the Day Bohol Tour and one of my favorite! Our hearty lunch at Sun Café was just what we needed for an afternoon bustling with physical...

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Seize Summer with Seas the Day Bohol Tour Package by Empty Nest
Bohol is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the Philippines and it's easy to see why! Home to world-famous attractions like the Chocolate Hills, Bohol offers a seemingly endless list of fun things to do.   If you’ve been to Bohol’s more popular tour...

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Down the Rabbit Hole, Into Hyper Wonderland
For Sinulog this year, I had the privilege of becoming a media partner for Hyper Wonderland, a Sinulog event by lifestyle brand Hyper Cebu. I went with a close friend and, as first timers to a Hyper Cebu event, we were both pleasantly surprised at the exper...

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Hyper Wonderland and Other Awesome Things to Do in Sinulog 2016
Christmas and New Year are officially over. This can only mean one thing for us folks in the Queen City of the South: Sinulog is coming! This annual cultural and religious festival has achieved near-legendary status around the world, drawing in thousands of...

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Carpe Noctem with Almost Poets Society
Cebu was recently dubbed the creative capital of the Philippines  and rightly so! We have world-class furniture, a vibrant art scene, a thriving music culture... Still don't believe me? Join Almost Poets Society and you'll see!  What is Almost Poets Society...
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