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After a lot of #gamedev, we've released Yorg 0.6! Yorg is our #opensource racing game. Download it! ^_^
Summer news on our blog! We have released a brand new version - 0.6! - of our #Panda3d game Yorg and it is available for you to download.
If you want a description version of what it contains, you can find as usual on our #indiegame dev blog:

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Our #opensource #indiegame has been downloaded 100 times, thank you for your interest!
We made it! A very important goal has been reached for a very little #indiegame team like we are: more than 100 downloads in less than a month since we released the alpha, the 8th April!
We are very proud of our #Panda3d game and we decided to thank you! How? You know where to find the answer...

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After a lot of #gamedev, we've released the first builds of our free #opensource indiegame, Yorg!
Ok, the big moment is finally here! We are very proud to announce that our #opensource #indiegame Yorg has finally reached the alpha stage!
I know most of you bet against our dev team (darn, I've lost a bunch of money myself!) but finally we are ready to share a playable alpha!

You can find news and instructions how to download the releases on our blog , and even how to show us some love and appreciation for the job!

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Here's a new car for our upcoming #indiegame! There are some #screenshotsaturday inside... ;)
Our first #indiedb blog post in 2017 should be about our new year resolutions and we won't let you down... So be ready to be astonished by our news, but please ignore the personal behaviours of our developers and focus only on the what we have made new for you in our #Panda3d game Yorg!

Read more on our blog!

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The brand new track for our #indiegame #freegame Yorg is taking shape!
You may have thought we forgot about presents this here, but you are not an #indiegame developer if you don't celebrate winter-een-mas... and this year we would like to celebrate by offering you another great video of our #Panda3d game, Yorg. But not just a simple video of something already seen, but we offer you something new! Find out what on our blog!

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We've a basic AI! ^_^ #opensource #gamedev
You should never let #indiegame developers be free to fuss around with code, especially with #Panda3d.
Instead of simply making their job, that is creating new tracks and new cars for us to play, they thought it was a "funny" idea to "spice things up", so they decided to create... life!
On our latest blog post, I will tell you who the fack is AIDA an how now things are becoming a little more complicated... Check this out!

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We've added the third #blender car to our upcoming #floss game, Yorg!
At Yorg we think that #indiegame should be #freegames have also an educational purpose, even when the subject is something you don't want to know about.
In this post we will tell you how is it possible to have a blue ribbon outside our office, a very tired programmer, a very satisfied designer and strange presents for the new bornt like gasoline and tires.

I know it's hard to bite, but you will find also a lot of pictures of this #gamedev moment!

More info, as usal, here:

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These days, everybody are asking money for everything, except here at #Yorg, so now it's time to ask... ehy, where are you running to? We do not want your money (just for now I guess :P ), so stay here and keep reading!

We have found another way you can contribute to your favourite #indiegame and you can discover how taking a look to our latest blog post:

The pic in the post is totally unrelated but... it's nice, isn't it?

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You may have thought that in our last #gamedev blog post there was a leak, but believe me, it was intentional! (... er... yes... sure... intentional...). If you didn't get it, is just because you were too focused on our beautiful Themis and not on what was around her (yes, she is a lady, ok?).

Look at the image and try!

If you want the solution, here is our new #Yorg post

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Yorg is going on! ^_^ #indiegaming   #indiegamedev #gamedev
Ok, ok, since you're keep coming back to search for news on #Yorg project, still after 9 months of radio-silence, I think you deserve a little preview and some news just to show you we are still alive and productive!
Say hello to our new car #Themis!
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