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+discorded jinx +Rikku Pendragon (No idea why it won't let me find Discorded) I just came in to check up on things, and one of the pictures from my other post ( ) is gone but the other (which was a duplicate) is still up. I honestly hate to disturb you guys, especially with the shitstorm that's.. apparently still going on, but could the other be removed as well?

Again, I really apologize to the moderation and the owner for bringing it up again. >.>

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+jade hades 

I never gave permission for anyone here to use my character Athena (let alone any of my characters) for anything whatsoever. I already notified the original poster, but I wanted to say so here as well.

The post(s) in question (why there's two of them I'll never know)

Proof: My submission of the image with the proper credits The artist's original submission of the image with it showing my ownership My posting of her reference sheet. 
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